Yeah, I know, I suck, I missed a couple weeks, but I’m not giving up on this series yet as it has just begun. So here we go:

“If you could change one thing in the world right now, what would you alter?”

The first thing that popped into my brain would be to alter the way people feel about the environment, more specifically, recycling. I’m sort of a recycling fanatic because I live in a great place that allows me to recycle pretty much everything. We can do plastics 1-7 and so many other things. And it’s so easy too, we just lump all our recyclables into our big blue bin and put out on trash day for pick up. Most times our recycling bin is heavier than our trash bin, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I also carry around recycling guilt, which many people don’t appear to have. I have a coffee cup and water jug I use everyday at work, I reuse baggies at lunch time, I bring stuff home from work or from being out if my only option is a trashcan. I’m not a role model for recycling all the time, but I try to be. At work there was an attempt to start a recycling program, but everyone just threw trash in the containers set aside for recycling, so the program failed. I see so much waste at work, it drives me crazy. So many plastic bags, plastic bottles, and even paper (and we have tons of shredding stations around) just get tossed in the trash. If it’s like this at my office, I’m sure its like that at most offices.

If everyone did their part throughout the world, it would add up to so much. I hope sooner rather than later people will recycle as automatically as they do tossing things they think are trash.

Major props to my mom for being the uncool mom I thought she was back in the day. Much to my embarrassment in the earlier 90’s my mom started bringing her own bags to the grocery store when few other people did. Funny to think how much this embarrassed me, I would often purposely forget to grab the bags on our way to the store, like anyone important was going to see me at the grocery store. I do love how much this movement has taken off, I always see people in the store bringing their own bags. We just need more and more to continue to follow the trend. How things would be so different if people were doing this in the 90’s as much as they are now, my mom wouldn’t have been uncool (or at least not at the grocery store, haha)!

An “If” question that could possibly becoming reality, how exciting! Don’t forget to RECYCLE!



Ok – so here is my first “If” Wednesday series. These questions are great and can be funny, personal and can drive you crazy thinking about you would possibly answer. I’m starting out easy at first…

“If you could own the entire wardrobe of any one TV character from the show they’re on, whose clothes would you want?”

Super easy, I would have to go with the character Lorelai Gilmore on the Gilmore Girls. And yes, I may be a bit biased as I’ve been netflixing the whole series, on season six, with only one more season to go. BUT, her clothes are awesome, classy business casual by day, hip and cool by night, and throw in a dinner with her parents and she can do fancy as well. I would say these days most women might answer that they would choose a character from Sex and the City and their clothes are amazing, but not my style for everyday. I want to look cute and professional and not over the top when I go to work and then I want to look cute, sexy, and fun when not in work clothes and sometimes Carrie Bradshw is sporting some crazy outfits – not Lorelai, I would wear everything she wears.

Enjoy your last single digit date 09/09/09 Wednesday!