Guess What?

It’s still raining! We have been hit with so many storms the past few days (well, maybe just today, but in total, it’s rained a lot the past few months), there is no end in sight! I did catch a break between storms this evening and had a pleasant walk home. Trying to avoid puddles and streams of water was almost like a fun little game. I saw some cute rain boots on sale a few months back, I’m really kicking myself for not buying them. At the time I thought it was an impulse buy, who knew they would actually be quite handy right about now. Note to self, put rain boots on list of things to purchase, clearly the DC area has become a rain forest, rain boots would no longer be considered an impulse buy.

It’s Tuesday, but it already seems like the longest week. I had a great weekend hanging out with Dave. We went to check out a local winery, discovered a few statues in DC, saw lions, ran from lions (not really, but the way I was running this weekend, I would have been considered ‘fast food’ to a lion), and had some good grub.

I have a weird red spot on my head, which I got checked out yesterday and walked out of the doctors office with two stitches. They did a biopsy to figure out whats going on exactly, I’ve had it for a few months now. If this was high school, I would be so embarrassed because I’ve had to wear a small bandage on my forehead (to protect the stitches). Thank goodness in 10 years, I have grown up, it doesn’t bother me at all, in fact I wish I had a hot pink band-aid I could be sporting (because let’s face it (ha) if you’ve got to wear one on your face, you might as well make a statement).

Oh yeah, and I’m officially debt free – made my last car payment on Friday! A car payment didn’t necessarily seem like debt to me as it just seemed like one of my regular monthly bills, but it is nice knowing I’ll have some extra change in my pocket! Time to save up for my cowboy boots 🙂


Rain, rain…

…go away! You are wearing out your welcome! 

Another rainy day. Gave blood. Got groceries. I hate writing letters. Excited for the weekend. Watching the Joe Jonas version of ‘Single Ladies’, hilarious. 

Good night!

April Showers bring May Flowers

It’s been rather rainy in these parts. I know the weather man will say that we need the rain, but it doesn’t really make me want to walk to work or run outside. It’s costing me money to park and making me fat. Ha, I guess really its the laziness in me that is affecting my wallet and waistline, not the rain. Either way, there better be some great flowers out come May!

I’m getting sick, there is a man in my aisle of cubes that constantly comes to work sick. This time he doesn’t even have a voice and he is still coming to work, I really would like to send a memo that he needs to stay home and keep his germs to himself because he is infecting us all! So annoying. 

I’m really glad its April. It’s going to be a crazy month, but I get to see my family, so I’m super excited. A visit to Seattle and then family coming to visit me! And some Easter family time in DE too!

Ok,  off to play in the wind before the storm comes.