Running down a dream

I think I’m almost done with all my holiday stuff! I get to relax for an hour or two and then all the holiday fun begins. This weekend I’m going to a holiday party in DE and then Dave and I will celebrate together, I work for a few days and then its back to DE for a hot second and then off to CA. Time usually seems to fly by this time of year, it’s going surprisingly slow this month, but I’m not complaining. Not sure where this year went, but I will take a nice slow-moving month to end the year.

I’ve been running after work. It’s cold out, but of course once you get going, you warm up pretty quick. I’m a nerd, but I’ve really enjoyed running through the different neighborhoods and checking out all the holiday decorations. When I was younger we use to always drive through different neighborhoods to check out the decorations, so it reminds me of that fun memory, except its more environmental!

I’m going to try to update my pictures before my battery dies. GETTING MY NEW COMPUTER THIS WEEKEND! I’m so excited!


We are living in a computer world…

…and I am a computer girl!

As I was online shopping tonight, my computer decided it was a great time to inform me he was having some issues. Turns out my battery isn’t charging, my power adapter works fine, my battery will charge in another computer, there is some kind of disagreement between my computer, adapter, and my battery. So I can use my computer as long as I find another way to charge the battery. Obviously this is just a temporary solution and I won’t be able to waste hours on my computer. I didn’t realize how addicted I was to my computer until I realized I’m going to have to find other ways to use up my time without mush use of a computer.

Good thing I just came up with 100 goals for myself to be completed in the next 100 days. Maybe I’m starting my new years resolutions earlier, but I’m trying to be more organized and writing stuff down helps we actually get things done. I have a few (one very big!) goals in the next 100 days I would like to complete, so I thought why not add about 95 more to work on. Expect a full on presidential address when my 100 days in complete!

I’m going to Mexico in 2 days! Last wedding of the year. Enjoy the cold my friends (or enjoyable but not Mexico weather to my Cali peeps), I will be lying on the beach, drink in my hand, deciding whether I should stick with a PC or get a Mac. Can’t wait!