Hello October

Hooray for October! October makes me so happy for many reasons, here’s a few of them:

  • Our honeymoon trip is next month, so exciting!
  • Pumpkin everything, fall decorations
  • All the leaves turn Hokie colors – I’m lucky to live in a neighborhood with a ton of trees too
  • Jeans, sweaters, hoodies, sweat pants
I could probably name 1000 different things that I love about October and fall in general. It’s one of my favorite seasons. Good thing there are 5 weekends in October because the are jammed packed with activities and/or honeymoon planning/prepping!
Last weekend Dave, Daisy and I were in Hoboken to visit a friend and do a mud run in the Bronx. Aside from tripping on the sidewalk the night before the run and scrapping up my knee pretty badly (and ruining my favorite pair of jeans!), we had a blast. It was a 10k and all along the way there were several obstacles, some of which included Marine hurdles, tunnels to crawl through and low crawl mud pits. At the end of the race you go through a huge mud pit and are covered head to toe in mud!
This weekend we are headed to DC to do the Army 10 miler and visit with friends and family. The remaining weekends include fall festival parties, honeymoon planning/prepping and more honeymoon planning/prepping.
Hope you are enjoying fall!

Fun Fall Beach Weekend

Oh, Monday! It’s hard to get back into the swing of things after a great weekend. Dave and I were down at the beach this weekend. The beach is so nice in the off-season, beautiful weather, not as crowded, just wonderful.

We were staying in Bethany, but spent most of our time exploring Ocean City, MD (which is impossible to do in the summer time, the traffic is insane!). We walked the boardwalk, bought some salt water taffy, and enjoyed the cool weather.

Dave and Daisy - Ocean City, MD

The boardwalk was a little much for Daisy, there was way too many things to smell!

Saturday evening we went out to Phillips for an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. The food was delicious! We enjoyed some clams, shrimp, crab and mussels. Even the dessert was delicious. Dave ate his fair share of clams, so I think we got our money’s worth.

Yesterday was a very rainy day, not an ideal beach day. We enjoyed the beach, but had some things to do , so we headed home in the morning (scored on some sales at the Banana Republic outlet on the way out) and ran 13 miles.

This month is going to be pretty busy with running, weekend trips and family visits. Oh and planning a wedding!


Hope you are enjoying your week!