Heirloom Love

I’m in love!

In love with some tomatoes that is. This weekend we went to the local farmer’s market and for under $20 managed to get some fresh bread, delicious corn, squash, peppers, raspberries, and the most fantastic heirloom grape tomatoes! Everything we got is so fresh and delicious, it should be a crime not to shop at your local farmer’s market.

The tomatoes are just so lovely and in so many fun colors!


I knew I had to do something fantastic with our tomatoes, so I made a lovely salad. I just added hearts of palm, green onions and some goat cheese. Toss in some EVOO, balsamic and some S&P and you have yourself one tasty salad.


 The rest of  our weekend was lovely and low-key. I scored some cookbooks at the Border’s liquidation sale. And I’m in the process of updating our decorating style with a few small updates.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Weekend @ Home

I was able to enjoy a weekend at home, with no real plans, no place to go, it was amazing! I got some sun at the pool and my butt kicked in a workout bootcamp. The best part of the weekend was being able to spend time with old and new friends. And lucky for me, next weekend I get to hang out with some more old friends.

I bought a tomato plant and a basil plant and planted them in pots in the backyard today. All I need is a dairy cow grazing in the backyard (and a cheese maker) and then I can enjoy some tomato, mozzarella, and basil salads. Hopefully the plants will grow and the squirrels won’t eat all my tomatoes!

This week will be tough at work because I’m just counting down the days till I’m on my way to CA. I’m so excited to see my mom and Jim, go camping with Dave’s family, and most of all see Daisy. She is the best dog in the world!