Christmas in CA

The weekend before I left for CA, we had a massive snow storm here on the east coast. Here’s a couple pics Dave and I took while out and about on the snow

My trip home to CA for the holidays was fun. Most times it seems like there isn’t a whole lot of activity going on, but sometimes it’s just nice to hang around with family and not really do much. My mom, Jim, Daisy, Grandma, aunt, Dale, and 2 cousins where all around. We had our New Mexican meal on Christmas Eve (posole, red chile, tamales, and tortillas) and then opened our presents. Here is a picture of Daisy inspecting one of my presents, she is the official inspector of quality

Christmas day we all went to church and then enjoyed our Christmas meal. Yes, we had the whole fixin’s – turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with red chile, and pink stuff!

The rest of the vacation was spent playing Mexican train, some Wii, watching movies, hitting up the after Christmas sales, and eating like I’ve never seen food before. I did run one day, the last full day I was there. Not sure why I didn’t get out the days before because the weather out there was fantastic, in the 50’s. The day I got back to the east coast, it was 30 with a wind chill making it feel like 20 degrees out. Brrr!

I miss my family, especially Daisy! Here’s a few pictures of Daisy. Best. Dog. Ever!


What’s happening???

Hi! So, what’s been going on you may be wondering, well, here’s an update:

  • Besides a few odds and ends, I’M DONE WITH MY HOLIDAY SHOPPING! I’m so excited about this and I’ve even mailed out everything I need to mail. It’s pretty awesome to get it all done and out of the way because now I can enjoy the holiday season. 🙂
  • After a few conversations with Dave, we decided to go light on gifts this year and it was a theme I carried on to the rest of my gift receiving peeps. I’m very thankful for all the cool people I have in my life and I tried to send small ‘thinking of you’ gifts’. With everything that is going on in the world, the amount of money I spend on gifts is not related to how much I love my peeps, the season is really about love, joy, and peace.
  • I’m diggin’ the new Britney Spears album. Some songs are ok, but some are awesome, they really make you want to dance. Some songs are so good that I wish I was at a hot new club, all dolled up, and breakin’ it down on the dance floor…not a likely scenario, so I’ll settle for dancing in my room in my pjs.
  • I’m heading back to Las Vegas, NM for Xmas in less than two weeks. I’ll be there for 5 days, should be a nice relaxing break from work. I’m looking forward to seeing my family and DAISY!
  • Saw Twilight. It was enjoyable, but of course, the book was better. The movie Edward was way better than the book Edward I imagined. Oh Edward!
  • My company’s holiday party isn’t until the 20th, way too late in the year, but luckily Dave’s is this weekend, should be fun!
  • I love the Gilmore Girls! The writing on this show is so cool and unique. I only caught the show a few times when it was on the air, I was in college for the first part of it, then there was no use in watching weekly because I wanted to catch up on what I missed, which is where I am today. I’m using netflix to catch up, it’s awesome. I feel like its a smart financial decision too, because I’m not wasting money buying the series DVD’s which I will likely only watch once and will collect dust on my bookshelf, instead I’m just paying a monthly fee to watch a season.

That’s all for now, peace out!