Philly Marathon 2010 – COMPLETE

We finished! And we survived!  We ran the Philly Marathon last Sunday and luckily had much warmer weather than we have been having lately.  A week later, our legs don’t feel like we even ran a marathon. It was a team effort, Dave and I ran together the whole race. We finished under 4 hours and 10 minutes.

After such a busy year, we managed to get our marathon training in and finish strong. It’s nice to be done. I’ve spent a week doing absolutely no exercise at all, it’s been nice, but it’s back at in tomorrow, I have a wedding to get ready for!

Hope you had a very relaxing enjoyable Thanksgiving!


I do exist!

I’m alive blog world. Wow, where has the time gone, I’ve been away too long. What can I say, I’ve been busy, no really, I have been! There’s been lots of family time, friends to visit, wedding stuff to do, oh and a marathon to train for. Oh and tons of vegetables to eat (my CSA is awesome). The end is in sight, at least for the marathon (and the tons of veggies), less than 2 weeks away. Note to new marathoners, don’t train back to back, it sucks you of all your time! Running a marathon so close to Thanksgiving is one way NOT to feel guilty about all the calories I’m going to have, I’m a sucker for all the sides, they get me every Thanksgiving.
And the wedding! It’s coming along. Boy, there sure are a lot of decisions to make and lots of details. But I am enjoying the all the build-up, we are less than 6 months away.
Ok, just wanted to give a quick update. I’ll be back to catch you up on my happenings with a bunch of pics.

Today is my Thursday

Only one more day of work this week and then I’m off to Seattle to celebrate 1) my birthday 2) a Scottish wedding! I’m really looking forward to the visit out west, its always exciting to see my family when we gather for celebration events. And Dave and I found some mapped out runs so we can keep up with our training, which is good. I just have to remember to bring my running shoes 🙂

This month has been flying by, I’m almost questioning if there is something going on in the universe because time doesn’t usually go by this quickly. Two weeks ago I was at the beach, partaking in Dave’s parents birthday bash. We had a oceanfront house, which was amazing! Once you go oceanfront you pretty much have to do oceanfront for life, its way better than being a block or so away. I was able to enjoy some much needed R&R, we went parasailing, and the birthday bash was awesome, so it was a great time at the beach.

Training for the marathon is going great. We got rained out last weekend, so we weren’t able to go as far as we wanted to for out weekly long run. But this weekend we will be going my longest run ever, through the streets of Seattle with picturesque views of water/mountains, hopefully taking the focus off the pain my feet are going to be feeling. I feel so motivated and healthy, loving the training so far, of course we’ll see in a month if I’m still feeling this same way.

Off to enjoy my last few days as a 27 year old 🙂

Believe it or not!

I’m walking on air…I’ve had the theme song to Greatest American Hero stuck in my head all day, what gives??? Very random.

Well, believe it or not, its been awhile. I was busy hanging in CA and went through a period of stressing and overall not being very inspired to blog. But I’m back! My summer has been going well. There was my trip to CA which was a blast. Coming up, I will be going to the beach for a long weekend with Dave’s family and then off to Seattle to my sisters wedding and that’s just what’s in store for August.

Training for the marathon is going well. Again, I went through a uninspired period with my training, but we have kicked things into high gear. Dave and I did 11 miles this past weekend, my longest of the year. Training this week is going well so far and then its on to another long run this weekend. I had a dream last night that I was running in the marathon and as I was nearing the finish line I realized that if I sprinted I could qualify for Boston, I was only a minute away from the cut off time, I don’t know if I made it or not because I woke up (stupid alarm clock!). In reality, Boston is not on my mind at all, that race is for the best of the best and my main goal for my first marathon is make it to the finish line, but one can always dream!

Alright, I’m off to change my voicemail message to the classy one George Costanza had in Seinfeld.

July 1st !?!

Happy 1st day of the 2nd half of the year! Holy moly, where did the time go? I really can’t believe its July. There have been a lot of adventures so far this year and the second half of the year will not disappoint in the adventures department. Be sure to check back shortly for a recap of the 1st half with pictures.

First adventure of the 2nd half: riding the train to DE. I get to spend an extra long weekend with Dave. I heart the train and 4th of July!

Marathon training has officially begun. This past weekend Dave and I ran 9 miles, my longest run of the year. Granted it was at a slow pace, but I did feel like I could keep going if I needed to. So I’m set if I need to run a half-marathon, just got to focus on getting over the 13 mile mark.

I had such a blast last weekend, listened to great music, talked burritos, played with a bouncy red ball, it was awesome. A great way to end the first half of the year, looking forward to the second half!

The Internet can’t be trusted today!

Happy April Fool’s! I fell twice for some stupid stories about Lost today, dang internet!

What is no joke is that I signed up for the Marine Corp Marathon today and Dave did to, we are crazy! It seems a bit exciting at the moment, but I haven’t even begun training yet, so I’ll get back to you in a few months on how I feel then. It will be an adventure, a challenge, and hopefully all worth it in the end. Bring it on!

P.S. I’m serious, this is no joke, Dave and I really signed up!


I read in a book today that hobo stands for ‘homeward bound’. Sounded cool, but not quite right, so of course I had to fact check. There are lots of theories as to the origins of the abbreviation of hobo, but the most interesting thing I found out is that there is a National Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa every August (began in 1900). That is so cool!

(this is a very random post, which is why I started out with some random fact!)

So I’m a few weeks behind, but xmas trip to NM was awesome. Got to hang with the family and Daisy and it even snowed. And then it was double xmas celebration with Dave’s family. Good times. NYE was very low key, had some wine, ate some pizza, played some Wii and watched Dick Clark ring in the new year. 

I never really make new year resolutions, but I have a few things in mind that I hope to accomplish this year. 

  • Run a marathon! Yep, this is the year. If Oprah can do it, so can I! I’m thinking I’d like to do the Marine Corp Marathon, which gives me plenty of time to train. Also motivates me to keep going to the rec center during the winter while its cold (got to strengthen my muscles) and to watch what I eat. 
  • Be frugal! Well, not really, but I’m tracking my monthly expenses and trying to save at least 25% more than I saved last year. So far I’ve already spent about $215 this month and its only Jan 7th, so keeping track is a good way for me to cut out the unnecessary spending.
  • Photo-a-day. This also ties in to updating my blog more often. My peeps can stalk me and check out the schinanigans I’m getting into. And it’s great to look back and read about things that happened over the year that I already forgot about (Dave and I couldn’t remember where we ate for his b-day dinner, but luckily my blog had the answer for us!). It’s been over a year now that I began this blog and I’m hoping to make it to 100 posts before the second half of the year. 
  • Explore more, haha that ryhmes. I’ve lived in DC too long, I’m no longer a tourist, so it’s time to become one again. I have a list of things to see and do and I’m hoping to get through most of them. And of course, I’m not limiting myself to just this area, I am a tourist of the world, or at least north america. 

Oh and my corny catch phrase for the year is “time to shine in 09”.