At the moment…


… reflecting on the life of a great man, who left this world far too soon. MLK is such an inspiring leader, take a moment to read/watch some of his speeches, his words will move you.

… finished all the final touches for my husband’s birthday extravaganza.

… I’m also using MLK’s quote as an inspiration to keep up my winter running. There is a half marathon in Delaware coming up in March that my husband and I also say we will run. I think this is our year.

… slightly obsessed with the band Haim, I’ve been listening to their album on repeat for weeks straight. They play in Philly in May, not sure I can wait that long to see them live.

… realizing that I did a similar blog post only twice last year, one being January 15th, guess this is my thing in January.

… we are trying to decide where to go on our next travel adventure, somewhere in Central or South America. Any recommendations???

… sad that the fire station on our block moved over the weekend to their new station. I’m going to miss the fire engine going down our block and saying Hi to the guys on my daily walk with Daisy, their absence is already noticed.

… looking forward to a short work week!



2014: Intentions


When I look back at some of the goals I’ve made over the last few years, I few of them are achievable goals that can be tracked and measured, like saving money. But more often I find my list is full of good intentions of how I want to live my life. I’m a detailed person and lover of making lists, so I still have a few monthly goal lists and projects to try and complete by the end of the year, but I also want to ensure I don’t get too lost in the details and lose sight of things that make life enjoyable (although crossing off things on my to do list is quite fun). This year I thought I would change things up and declare a few of my intentions for 2014.

Invest in me – I make a lot of promises to myself that I don’t always follow through with – this year I’m going to keep those promises and invest in my mind and my body…

* Spend time doing things I enjoy (with people I enjoy spending time with) – read, cook, photography, running, learning french, having fun, being silly, laughing often…

* Explore – whether it be discovering new places or revisiting old, I just want to get out and explore as much as I can…

Spend time with family and friends  – last year I was able to visit a lot of family and spend some fun weekends away with friends. I’m always trying to do more of this…

Unplug – some people would say I already unplug a lot because I’m horrible at responding to texts quickly and don’t always answer my phone, but I do want to be make an effort to cut myself off from social media and celebrity gossip sites from time to time and instead catch up with friends on the phone or write good old fashioned letters/send cards…

Do you have any intentions for 2014?

image/Piece Of Cake

At the moment…

…I’m super excited because I got a promotion at work today! Long overdue, but well deserved. Unfortunately with how promotions work at my company, I likely won’t get promoted for another 10 years, so I’m enjoying the moment while it lasts

…I’m loving the 2012 Project 365 photobook I made and just got in the mail yesterday. It’s a fun view into my life in 2012. Not sure if I will do it again, but it has made me realize how important it is to take photos of life.

…I’m missing Homeland. Dave and I watched the first season in the fall last year and because we found out it was Showtime Free Preview this past weekend, watched the entire second season in 24 hours. I’m totally hooked and counting down to the start of the third season.

…Finding it so hard to get motivation to run more than 4 miles on the treadmill. I came up with a training plan and getting some long runs in on the weekends, but struggling with treadmill running during the week.

…Love making all kinds of lists in my new planner by Erin Condren. My super organized list making self from 3rd grade is making a come back (I use to make a ‘Nightly To Do’ list for myself)

…Totally behind on blogging about our fun European adventure last fall

…Excited to start my French class next week

…Planning some birthday fun for my husband

One Hot Summer


Holy hotness! It’s been quite a hot and muggy summer here in Delaware, especially that last few days.

We’ve been enjoying our summer so far with a couple trips to the beach, Game of Thrones, a visit with my Dad, enjoying some summer cocktails with our fresh mint, a visit with my friend Kate, a day trip with Kate to NYC to the Met, homemade burgers on the 4th, watching some Tour de France and just trying to stay cool this past weekend.

I’m taking a photography class this summer at the Delaware Art Museum. So far it’s been fun, I’m learning a lot about my DSLR.

Also, we are thinking of updating our kitchen countertops. We’ve been checking out our options and trying to decide if we do a backsplash or not, decisions, decisions.

It’s been tough to run outside in the heat, but on days when it’s not too hot, we run. We haven’t signed up for a race yet, hopefully we will figure something out, a couple half marathons would be nice to do this year.

We signed up for a CSA (Community supported agriculture) again this year. Every week we get a fresh selection of fruit and veggies from a local farm. We are almost experts on what to do with fennel, kale and beets!

We have no big vacation planned for the summer, we don’t even have a single wedding to go to. The plans for the rest of the summer are to go to the  beach a couple more times, go camping one weekend, maybe visit the west coast, a visit one weekend in DC and plan some kind of fun overseas adventure for the fall.

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far!

Is it really the end of May already?

Holy cow! I swear it was just the end of April and now it’s the end of May, where the heck did May go?!?

Many updates to come as May was quite busy. Here’s a few things to look forward to:

– Recap of our Anniversary trip/Graduation celebration fun in Arizona

– Living room update – we finally got a new rug and some new accessories!

– Summer run streak and getting back into some kind of race training

Here are a few random pictures of all the fun we’ve been having in May:

Enjoying AZ

Happy dog Daisy

Avocado ice cream – yum!

Hope you had a wonderful May!

Happy Weekend!

Somehow it doesn’t feel like a Sunday, it was a good weekend, guess I just don’t want it to end. We had fun this weekend partaking in some pre-wedding anniversary celebrating. On Friday night, we met up with Dave’s parent’s and had dinner at Eclipse Bistro on Union Street. Surprisingly, Dave and I have never been there before. The food was amazing! We had a great time catching up and talking about all the amazing fun we had last year with all the wedding activities.

Dave had to work on Saturday, so I went and had some fun at the Whole Foods in Glen Mills, PA. I got to make my own honey jar, get some bulk spices and pick up some freshly made pasta. Our Saturday night was spent enjoying some fresh ravioli’s, champagne and the movie 50/50 (made me cry and laugh all at the same time, great movie!).

And Sunday we picked up our anniversary cake! The bakery we used for our wedding cake offers you the option to pick up a fresh cake a year later instead of freezing your original cake. Isn’t it lovely!

Before we could enjoy any cake, we had to work on our garden first. The front yard was in pretty good shape, but we had some planting to do in the back. While checking out our alley way, we found a plant hook, a little rusty, but could easily be cleaned up and put to good use. So we got a scrub brush and some spray paint, a very quick and easy project. Check out the before and after.



This year I planted a cherry tomato plant, basil and some mint. Here’s hoping we will be enjoying some caprese salads and mojitos all summer long.

Flower baskets

View of the backyard

And yes, we did enjoy some of our cake tonight, a day early. Both of us didn’t have ANY cake at our own wedding, so we were excited to have a slice. Plus, it’s giant, so we are going to enjoy a little every night until we leave for our anniversary trip. We are headed to Phoenix, AZ – a combo trip to celebrate “us” and attend my cousin’s graduation. We scored a nice resort in Scottsdale and the weather is in the high 90’s, we can’t wait!

Daisy has IVDD

Before we went to NYC, we noticed that Daisy was limping our her left front paw. We thought that she injured it some how jumping off the bed. We were practicing conservative management (rest with leash walks for bathroom breaks only), which we had learned about when Daisy hurt her knee a couple years ago. She seemed to be getting better after our NYC trip, but it was one of those things where she just didn’t quite seem herself.

Daisy and her hurt paw

Then last Friday morning Daisy was slow to get up in the morning and refused to go down the stairs. She was reluctant to eat her food and seemed to be in pain. We quickly got her in to the vet that morning and learned that Daisy may have Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD). In a nutshell, the disks are like shock absorbers for the spine and if they begin to degenerate, they aren’t as good at absorbing the compression placed on them, which can cause pain and potential spinal cord damage.  Beagles are a breed that are predisposed to IVDD, so after a check by the vet, all symptoms seemed to point to IVDD. The injured paw was not really injured, it’s likely she was having nerve pain from her back shooting down her front legs as she was using her damaged disks.

Daisy was put on pain medication and strict confinement to help heal any damaged disks she may have. This means, no stairs, no walks, no jumping for 2  weeks. If she shows signs of improvement after 2 weeks, the strict confinement continues for another 2 weeks just so she can completely heal.

We keep her downstairs most of the time and use a carrier to transport her up and down our stairs. It’s been over a week now and she is showing signs of improvement. Of course the real challenge begins as she starts to feel better for both us and her, as we have to try and keep her from doing extra activity (like stealing socks and running around) and stay rested as she continues to heal.

Long term we will have to care for this in a lesser form of conservative management. Walks will be allowed, but we will have to minimize the stairs (which in our house are so steep) and jumping. And we will need to be on the watch for any signs that she may be in pain as this disease can progress at any time.

It’s so hard when you see an animal in pain, how I wish we could at least telepathically communicate to understand what’s going on. Although I’m sure Daisy’s thoughts consist of food, food, treats, walk, squirrel, food, food, people that feed me my food, squeaky toy, food, pain, food, sleep. We hope in a few weeks she will be back to her crazy Daisy self!

Travel: Birthday Fun in NYC

A couple weeks ago, I planned a trip for Dave and I to go up to New York City to celebrate his birthday. It ended up being a cold snowy weekend in the city, but we still managed to celebrate in style!

We took the New Jersey transit up to Penn Station on Friday afternoon. This saved us so much money, why is Amtrak so expensive?!?! We stayed at this little hotel in Chelsea with a view of the Empire State Building.

View from our window

We had dinner reservations later in the evening, so with a few hours to kill, we went to check out the Chelsea Market. This place was pretty cool, a mixture of shops, restaurants, and bakeries. The structure of the building was cool too, looked like an old warehouse made into something awesome. We browsed through the different shops and enjoyed a local craft beer at one of the restaurants.

Holy Nutella!

Our reservations for dinner that night were at Collichio & Sons. When I confirmed our reservations, I mentioned it was a celebration dinner for Dave’s birthday and they added some nice special touches to make it a memorable meal. First off, they added “Happy Birthday Dave” to the menu. We ordered a bottle of wine and at the end of the night, gave us the label from our bottle. We ordered the tasting menu and enjoyed a crab and sea urchin fondue and an amazing aged sirloin. We ended the night with some desserts they brought out, especially for Dave’s birthday. And to top everything off, they give everyone a tasty muffin to take home and enjoy the next day. It was an amazing meal and experience.

The next day we awoke to snow. Luckily it was only a few inches, but it was a pretty cold day. We hit up the local bagel shop (Murray’s Bagel) next to our hotel, but it wasn’t as good as we expected it to you, the bagel’s didn’t even seem fresh! We spent the day exploring different parts of the city, from Grand Central Station to the Brooklyn Bridge. We enjoyed lunch at Eataly in the Flat Iron district, a really cool new Italian Market. And then we went to the Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side. This museum is pretty awesome, with lots of different tours on immigrant history. We went on a tour of a tenement house, where they had a room with over 30 layers of wallpaper on the wall.

Brooklyn Bridge

That night we had dinner in SOHO at the Mercer Kitchen. The meal was hard to beat the night before, but there was a very trendy cool vibe to the place. After, we enjoyed a few beers at the Beauty Bar and the Trailer Park Bar. It was a themed bar night for us!

On Sunday before we headed back to DE, we found a good bagel at Brooklyn Bagel (the bagels were at least fresh!) and then went to explore the High Line Park. Dave has heard many things about the High Line through his work, so part of the reason for going to NYC was to be able to check out the park in person.

Walking the High Line

There was an abandoned elevated rail line that they turned into a pretty cool park. It’s always cool to see how you transfer something ugly into nice green space. Everything around the park seems to be transforming as well. Parks are cool!

Watch the ice!

We had a great time exploring the city together, which was a first for us. We hope to go back and explore more of the city when it’s a little warmer out. After lunch at a NY deli, we were on the train and headed home in time to pick up Daisy. A fabulous way to celebrate Dave’s birthday!

Birthday Sandwich

Hello second semester

Its been a very exciting first half of the year! As I have gone through the year up to April 30th, here’s a recap of the last couple months in the first half:

Trips to Virginia

Wine Tasting - Celebrating Meg


First trip to New Orleans (barely survived!)

Parrot Heads!

Beignets at Cafe du Monde

New Orleans Wedding

First wedding as a married couple

Memorial Day Weekend

M&R Tie the Knot!

Memorial Day Parade

Princeton – Taking Daisy on her first college campus tour

Nassua Hall

Daisy almost looks like a tiger

Our water mirage

Looking smart on campus

Oh how fun this year has been so far! July has been a busy and fun month, can’t wait to recap especially after the fun this weekend in Seattle!

Recap: Friday, April 29th

Serious delay in updating, but I’m slowly getting my recaps done!

Friday was a fun day! There was a lot going on, not only in Delaware, but in London. Will and Kate were going to tie the knot and millions of people would be watching. I set my DVR to record the big event, I figured I had to check it out at some point. I didn’t plan on watching it live, I was hoping to sleep in as I hadn’t been getting a lot of sleep during the week.

5:30am came around and I woke up to use the bathroom and was wide awake. So, I like many, tuned in to watch. I only watched until Kate came to the church. She did look stunning in her dress. And after the big unveil, it was back to sleep….

I did sleep in a bit, after going to bed late after our rockin’ party. Maybe a little too much, as I was awoken by all my ladies that were ready to go get their nails done. After a quick shower, I was off to the nail salon to meet up and get pretty.

I was so proud of myself because I went weeks without biting my nails, so they were pretty and long. I did a french manicure on my finger nails and a light pink on my toes, they were so pretty! After the nail salon, one of my MOH’s came back to the house to help me with some last minute tasks (table #s on the place cards).  There were a few hours left to relax, pack my things for the next day and get ready for our rehearsal.

The rehearsal went well, but was a little bit stressful. I hadn’t quite planned out all the family who would walk together down the aisle and there were some quick decisions that had to be made on the spot, but they all worked out. That’s the thing with planning a wedding, everything usually works itself out.

We went through the ceremony a couple of times, mostly focusing on the timing of when to walk. We signed our marriage license and it was on to the rehearsal dinner!

We had such a great time at our rehearsal dinner, there was much excitement in the air! We created a slide show to be shown at the reception and decided to share it first with our friends and family at the rehearsal dinner, which was well received (thank goodness!) During dinner Dave got up to speak and literally had everyone in the room, especially me, crying with his beautiful speech. It was one of my favorite moments of the weekend, I was so touched by his words and so overwhelmingly happy I was going to get to marry him in less than 24 hours!

Although I wasn’t expecting a surprise, I should have known that Dave’s siblings would be up to something. The Queen of Delaware and some of her royal entourage were unexpected guests at our dinner. They were there to attend the royal wedding of Delaware and welcome me into the family. There was some what of a ‘ceremony’, complete with a red ‘carpet’, crazy hats, pins for all our guests, the crowning of Dave & I as the new royalty in Delaware and a  few heartfelt speeches. It was quite the royal treatment! Another wonderful memory to capture in the wedding jar, everyone was laughing and enjoying the fun!

After dinner, we headed out to a local bar by the hotel to hang out and drink away some of the nerves. Eventually, Dave and I said our goodbyes, we would meet up again the next day at the end of the aisle. It was off to bed, off to dream of my royal wedding to come!