July in Pictures

Happy August!

Before the fun of August really begins, here are some photos of what we were up to in July.

Our future retirement home in St. Michael's, MD

4th of July Cookin' on the Smoker

Our campsite

Fire Starter

Fire Master
One tired dog after our long hike
Dave trying to catch us some dinner

I'm a high school dork

I’m a high school dork

Kebab makin' fun

Making my Grandma's Lemonade

LOVE & a beautiful celebration

We heart Seattle and the beautiful weather!


Snowy Days

Another big snow storm is going to hit the mid-atlantic today going into tomorrow. It’s already snowed twice this past week and after this big storm this weekend, it might snow sometime next week. For the mid-atlantic, its been a crazy winter. Here are some cool pictures I found that seem to go with the weather.


#1, #2, #3, & #4

Las Vegas, NM Pictures

I’m finally posting some pictures from my trip. It was great to visit, I have a new appreciation for Las Vegas, NM, it is a fun place to go. Also a great place to break away from the craziness of big city living. I guess you really too need to visit in order to experience the town, a picture just doesn’t grab the feel of things like I thought it might, but just wanted to post some cool shots I took.

Here are some from around town:

Old Buildings - Downtown

Old Buildings - Downtown


Cool Old Sign and Building

Cool Old Sign and Building

to continue…