Worst Blogger Ever

I stink at blogging lately, sorry! There seems to be a lot going on, I’ve felt a little overwhelmed at times. First off, its Christmas time, enough said. Then of course I’m dashing off to foreign countries for long weekend getaways, but mostly I blame my computer (why won’t you let me spend my time on the internet, why oh why????).

I’ve had my computer for over 4 years, which means I’m working with a dinosaur here, any money spent, should go to a brand new toy. So Dave and I have been doing lots of research on new laptops. It seems most are almost awesome except for things like short battery life, bad speakers, to name a few. Would it not make sense for computer companies to see what is keeping their laptop from being super awesome and fix that problem? I think Toshiba, Dell, and HP should hire me immediately, I’m on to something they seem to be overlooking. I think we have finally narrowed it down and a purchase will hopefully happen this weekend. It’s sad to say, I feel a little stressed that I only have 30 mins of computer time, it’s making me less productive I think because I either waste time trying to figure out what to use my precious time doing on the computer or I do nothing at all. And then I have no idea what I am doing with my time, I need a working computer to feel whole again. Dang, I hate being so dependent on technology!

Funny I should feel this way at home, because when I went to Mexico for the wedding, I didn’t have a computer, I didn’t have cell phone access and it was awesome! Of course my days were spent relaxing by the pool and drinking fruity drinks, so maybe instead of a new laptop I should just move to a tropical paradise.

The wedding was beautiful and the nice little break from the cold was so nice. Taking a vacation during the winter to a warmer destination is a brilliant idea. I did feel like quite the dumb American, not being able to converse more than Hello in Spanish. I’m hoping to improve my Spanish language skills, the knowledge is in my brain somewhere, after all I took 4 years in high school. Since I’m already familiar, I just need to relearn, I’m going the cheap route here. I’m all set up for a couple ‘Learn Spanish’ podcasts and the internet is helpful for translation (or at least seeing the words in writing). As I improve I hope to maybe go to some Spanish meet-ups and try to converse with others that are trying to learn just like me. I should probably start DVRing some Dora too.

Ok, I have 20 mins left, time to go.

Hasta Luego!


A whole new blogger world

Happy Tuesday!

Not sure where Monday went, but sure glad it’s already Tuesday! This past weekend was very productive. I was in DE and we ran 14 miles plus and did some free comcast exercising, got some new jeans, cleaned house, had some good meals, and enjoyed a good movie. I finally saw Gran Torino, very good movie!

So, somehow I stumbled upon this exciting new world of blogs that are all about being active and eating/living healthy. Many seem to be young professional woman, like myself, and they post pictures of their daily meals, write about their workouts, new recipes to try, and just general life happenings. I’m loving all the inspiration! So far I’ve been inspired to rekindle my love of oatmeal with all kinds of easy simple ways to spice up my breakfast and get in some key nutrients. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all! I’m also loving all the different creations many are making with yogurt. I love yogurt, but I’m sort of traditional in just eating out of the plastic container. Sometimes I add granola, but I have so many new ideas to really learn to love yogurt, there seem to be all kinds of cool creations one can make.

Now, I’m not sure if I will take pictures of all my meals, although I love the idea of a picture food journal. I may post pictures of super awesome meals I’ve created every now and then and of course any good recipes I come across. I may even be inspired to begin my picture a day again. Who knows, but I love the new found inspiration!