Happy Weekend!

Somehow it doesn’t feel like a Sunday, it was a good weekend, guess I just don’t want it to end. We had fun this weekend partaking in some pre-wedding anniversary celebrating. On Friday night, we met up with Dave’s parent’s and had dinner at Eclipse Bistro on Union Street. Surprisingly, Dave and I have never been there before. The food was amazing! We had a great time catching up and talking about all the amazing fun we had last year with all the wedding activities.

Dave had to work on Saturday, so I went and had some fun at the Whole Foods in Glen Mills, PA. I got to make my own honey jar, get some bulk spices and pick up some freshly made pasta. Our Saturday night was spent enjoying some fresh ravioli’s, champagne and the movie 50/50 (made me cry and laugh all at the same time, great movie!).

And Sunday we picked up our anniversary cake! The bakery we used for our wedding cake offers you the option to pick up a fresh cake a year later instead of freezing your original cake. Isn’t it lovely!

Before we could enjoy any cake, we had to work on our garden first. The front yard was in pretty good shape, but we had some planting to do in the back. While checking out our alley way, we found a plant hook, a little rusty, but could easily be cleaned up and put to good use. So we got a scrub brush and some spray paint, a very quick and easy project. Check out the before and after.



This year I planted a cherry tomato plant, basil and some mint. Here’s hoping we will be enjoying some caprese salads and mojitos all summer long.

Flower baskets

View of the backyard

And yes, we did enjoy some of our cake tonight, a day early. Both of us didn’t have ANY cake at our own wedding, so we were excited to have a slice. Plus, it’s giant, so we are going to enjoy a little every night until we leave for our anniversary trip. We are headed to Phoenix, AZ – a combo trip to celebrate “us” and attend my cousin’s graduation. We scored a nice resort in Scottsdale and the weather is in the high 90’s, we can’t wait!


Hello Monday


Hope you had a wonderful weekend

We spent the weekend in Nashville, TN celebrating the wedding of a friend from college

It was a fun rustic country wedding with BBQ, hoe cakes, barns, lots of wine and country music

It was a quick weekend trip

We were back on Sunday in time to work on the garden before it got dark out (how I wish it didn’t have to get dark SO early)

So glad it’s Monday November 7th, our honeymoon trip is insight!

Hello October

Hooray for October! October makes me so happy for many reasons, here’s a few of them:

  • Our honeymoon trip is next month, so exciting!
  • Pumpkin everything, fall decorations
  • All the leaves turn Hokie colors – I’m lucky to live in a neighborhood with a ton of trees too
  • Jeans, sweaters, hoodies, sweat pants
I could probably name 1000 different things that I love about October and fall in general. It’s one of my favorite seasons. Good thing there are 5 weekends in October because the are jammed packed with activities and/or honeymoon planning/prepping!
Last weekend Dave, Daisy and I were in Hoboken to visit a friend and do a mud run in the Bronx. Aside from tripping on the sidewalk the night before the run and scrapping up my knee pretty badly (and ruining my favorite pair of jeans!), we had a blast. It was a 10k and all along the way there were several obstacles, some of which included Marine hurdles, tunnels to crawl through and low crawl mud pits. At the end of the race you go through a huge mud pit and are covered head to toe in mud!
This weekend we are headed to DC to do the Army 10 miler and visit with friends and family. The remaining weekends include fall festival parties, honeymoon planning/prepping and more honeymoon planning/prepping.
Hope you are enjoying fall!

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

3 day weekends are the best!

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend with friends and family. We did so much this weekend, it’s hard to even remember it all.

There was a Trader Joe’s shopping spree, lunch and antique shopping at the Arden fair, a visit with Kate, drinks and dinner in a dead downtown Wilmington (everyone was at the beach), a delicious brunch, fun in Philly on South Street, a family gathering, sleeping in, and a lot of this on my day of rest:

Star Wars!

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Heirloom Love

I’m in love!

In love with some tomatoes that is. This weekend we went to the local farmer’s market and for under $20 managed to get some fresh bread, delicious corn, squash, peppers, raspberries, and the most fantastic heirloom grape tomatoes! Everything we got is so fresh and delicious, it should be a crime not to shop at your local farmer’s market.

The tomatoes are just so lovely and in so many fun colors!


I knew I had to do something fantastic with our tomatoes, so I made a lovely salad. I just added hearts of palm, green onions and some goat cheese. Toss in some EVOO, balsamic and some S&P and you have yourself one tasty salad.


 The rest of  our weekend was lovely and low-key. I scored some cookbooks at the Border’s liquidation sale. And I’m in the process of updating our decorating style with a few small updates.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Goodbye weekend

Weekends are just never long enough.

Never long enough for relaxing.

Never long enough for getting things done on your to-do list.

Never long enough for doing fun things.

I had just enough time to enjoy happy hour downtown, do some errands, people watch while enjoying a Guinness at the St. Patty’s loop, watch a classic 80’s movie that Dave had never seen, clean, clean and clean some more, and finally, enjoy an summer Italian inspired meal.

So much more to do, but “I’ll think about that tomorrow”

A note to Monday

Hello Monday, how I wish it was still the weekend. I was able to get things done, I got to have a little fun, and it was nice to be able to sleep in.

The weather was mixed, a rainy Saturday, but a beautiful Sunday! Although Monday, you might be warmer than Sunday.

Monday, you are going to have me busy, as will the rest of the week. And with work stuff too, not fun stuff like planning my wedding. And I sure do have a lot of planning to still do.

At least this weekend, I was able to get a pedicure, mark off some of the items on my list of things to do, make a yummy meal for my fiancée for our mini super bowl viewing party, and relax (which isn’t likely to happen much in the future).

Monday, I sure hope it’s a good week. I hope I can get a lot done. I hope work makes the week go by quickly so I have a another weekend to enjoy!

Fun Fall Beach Weekend

Oh, Monday! It’s hard to get back into the swing of things after a great weekend. Dave and I were down at the beach this weekend. The beach is so nice in the off-season, beautiful weather, not as crowded, just wonderful.

We were staying in Bethany, but spent most of our time exploring Ocean City, MD (which is impossible to do in the summer time, the traffic is insane!). We walked the boardwalk, bought some salt water taffy, and enjoyed the cool weather.

Dave and Daisy - Ocean City, MD

The boardwalk was a little much for Daisy, there was way too many things to smell!

Saturday evening we went out to Phillips for an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. The food was delicious! We enjoyed some clams, shrimp, crab and mussels. Even the dessert was delicious. Dave ate his fair share of clams, so I think we got our money’s worth.

Yesterday was a very rainy day, not an ideal beach day. We enjoyed the beach, but had some things to do , so we headed home in the morning (scored on some sales at the Banana Republic outlet on the way out) and ran 13 miles.

This month is going to be pretty busy with running, weekend trips and family visits. Oh and planning a wedding!


Hope you are enjoying your week!

A lovely long weekend

Hi! Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. I took off on Friday, so I enjoyed a nice long weekend.

Friday was my pumpkin day. In the morning, I walked to Dunkin’ Donuts and brought home a pumpkin donut and a pumpkin iced latte. Not the healthiest breakfast, but I did walk over a 1/2 mile.

Breakfast of Champions

Dave finished up the backyard, installing a new light. Check out the end result, it looks so good! We looked at the before pictures, its a little embarrassing we didn’t do this sooner.

Backyard painting complete

Saturday night, we went to Philly for an evening out in the new hipster happenin’ neighborhood of North Liberties.

Sunday was running 10 miles and football. We also had some new pumpkin beer.

Southern Tier - Pumking

If you get a chance, be sure to try the Southern Tier Brewing Company Pumking beer. It’s delicious! There is a nice pumpkin taste which is balanced out with a good mixture of spices.

We’ve had nothing but rain all day today. We took a break from running and did some strength training at the gym this evening. For dinner, I made a delicious meal from a recipe I found in a Costco ad cookbook. I made Chicken, Spinach, and Tomatoes on top of pearled pesto couscous with a balsamic sauce.


The couscous looks like peas in this picture, it was my first time trying pearled couscous. It was very good!

Off to bed!

Beautiful September Weekend

Hello family and friends!

I enjoyed a wonderful weekend, we had such beautiful weather. Here’s a recap:


We met up with 2 other couples to go to Davio’s in Philly for restaurant week. On Friday at this restaurant you can bring your own wine (BYO), so each couple brought 2 bottles of wine, we were set for a great night! The food was really good. I had gnocchi for my 1st course, salmon for my 2nd and a desert sampler for my third. We went to a really good restaurant last year as well, we definitely will have to make a point to go twice a year for restaurant week in Philly, there are so many good places to try out.


After a slow moving relaxing morning, I made it out to Brides and Grooms in Newark to buy my wedding dress! I’m so excited, I tried it on my last time and had no doubts. It was a little weird as I was trying on my dress, a bunch of high schoolers were trying on homecoming dresses. I didn’t really feel old, but more grown up and mature since I was making such a important dress decision. After running a few other errands, I went home to get ready for a long run for the week. We ran 14.6 miles at a 9:21 pace, pretty fast for our training. It was a difficult run towards the end for me though, I was mentally frustrated with our route, but I’m really surprised we ran at that pace. I was beat after that run and went to bed by 10:30.


We are getting new doors and our new storm door came in, so we had to go pick it up. Thank goodness we have my Jeep, it almost didn’t make it in the Jeep, but it definitely wouldn’t have fit in Dave’s car. The rest of my day was spent doing laundry, cleaning, and taking Daisy out for a long walk. She is obsessed with squirrels so sometimes our walks can be challenging, I need some help from Cesar.

Here are some photos from the weekend:


Stocking up on Pumpkin!

Gorgeous day, walking in the park

Peach Pie - made by me!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!