Happy Spring!

I love spring! There is just something about all the trees and flowers coming to life.

Spring in Holland!

Spring is also when my inner gardener comes out, as I love watching all my spring flowers come up. I’ve been taking weekly pictures to capture the progress (nerd alert!). So far a few hyacinths and daffaodils have come up, can’t wait for the tulips and iris’s!

Beautiful spring flowers

If you live on the east coast, you know that it was like spring for a couple weeks and now it seems like it might go straight to summer. I hope it cools down and goes back to spring for a month. This is one of my favorite times of year, it’s so nice to have the warm weather during the day, cool weather at night and light in the evening (yay being able to run after work!).

Happy Spring!

(All photos taken by me on our amazing European adventure in 2010. We went to the Keukenhof Gardens in Holland, AMAZING! You must go if you ever find yourself in Holland in the spring)



Trees, please bloom.

When we picked April 30th, I thought for sure it would actually look like spring by then. It’s been a funky cold winter so compared to last year, total spring bloom domination hasn’t quite happened yet. Usually things start to happen in March, this year, it’s been much later. We are 18 days out and I’m hopeful that maybe nature is just waiting till the week of our wedding.

Just want to see a little green in the trees! Come on spring!


The good news of the day

Happy Friday!

This has been a very long week for me. I’ve been totally out of it, tired all week, unmotivated to workout, and mostly wishing I could just hang in my PJ’s and watch some old Hollywood movies. I blame this all on the sudden change in the weather. Just when it seemed Winter and I were done with, he came crashing back into my life and I’ve been some what miserable trying to get him to leave. Spring and I are to be together, soon enough I hop Winter gets with the program and leaves for good.

I did come across this lovely cake that gave me hope for Spring.

So Pretty!


The good news of the day is that is Friday. I have all weekend to hang in my PJ’s and watch old Hollywood movies. I’m really excited to play with all my new grown up toys and rearrange my kitchen.  I think I was destined to be a 1950’s housewife. Thank you to everyone for their generosity at the shower, I’m enjoying all my new stuff!

Happy Weekend!