Enjoying the calm

After a storm comes a calm – Matthew Henry

In an attempt to adjust my attitude towards winter, I was thinking about things I love about winter. One thing I love is the calm that finally sets in after the holidays and the new year has begun. It’s a very peaceful time of year. This year is going to be another busy year, full of lots of excitement, so I think I’m truly enjoying the calm a bit more than usual.

Dave purchased a new TV this past weekend, it’s so awesome! I’m very much looking forward to spending a long weekend, relaxing, reading, doing whatever, and watching football on the new TV. Yes, I realize it’s only Tuesday, but with a long weekend to look forward to, it’s hard not to want this week to fly by!

I made a list of 100 things to do in the next 100 days about a month or so ago and I’m happy to report that I am checking things off my list like it’s my job! I’m not sure when I became such a list person (and a nerd), but they keep me in check and its a good excuse to use pretty paper and pens to write things down.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Winter Light!

I usually enjoy winter, but so far this winter, I haven’t been its biggest fan. Yes, the snow was fun, but it’s the real feel temperature and the lack of light I’ve been hating. I walk to work and one of my goals was to walk every day to and from. This is sort of a pain to do when I have to bundle up like Randy in a ‘Christmas Story’ and practically run home because I’m afraid of the boogie man jumping out the bushes at night. BUT, tonight as I was leaving work, there was light! I was so excited, I felt like I just won the lottery, I was talking out loud about how awesome it was to see some light after work (and from here on out!). Being the crazy person that talks out loud might just scare off the boogie man from jumping me, so today was a good day!

I was so excited about the light, I even bundled up and went for a 2.5 mile jog. Amazing the things that will inspire you.

On a random note, I’ve been inspired to make a small change in myself. Sometimes I can be quite a slacker when it comes to my appearance,  mostly during the week. What can I say, my workplace has such a casual attire, why wouldn’t I choose jeans and a ponytail over slacks and doing my hair. I realize I won’t always be so lucky with my job, so with the start of the new year and all it might be a good time to work on a change. Basically the child inside of me wants to play dress up!  I want to wear skirts and dresses, high heels and pearls.  This might be a little bit of an adjustment, but hopefully once I incorporate some clothes in the back of my closet into my normal  rotation, it will be a bit easier.

I’m finally embracing the fact that everyone has their own sense of style and I need to let mine shine.