New Mexico Landscape

Hello again! Sorry it’s been awhile, holy crap ok, almost a month!!! I’m such a bad blogger!

Last weekend, I was going through some of my photos to print out a few things for the house and came across some amazing photos from our adventure in New Mexico over the summer. Being a proud New Mexican, I had to share a few photos. I may be a little biased in my thoughts on New Mexico, I was born there, my family still lives there and I’m so happy to be able to visit this great state often. Biased or not, New Mexico is awesome, there are so many places to see, things to do, green chile to eat, its completely underrated.

Fort Union

Fort Union

Tent Rocks

Tent Rocks

Frijoles Canyon - Bandelier

Frijoles Canyon – Bandelier

Ok, now back to cold weather reality and trying to come up with a Christmas wish list. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend!

Happy December!


One Hot Summer


Holy hotness! It’s been quite a hot and muggy summer here in Delaware, especially that last few days.

We’ve been enjoying our summer so far with a couple trips to the beach, Game of Thrones, a visit with my Dad, enjoying some summer cocktails with our fresh mint, a visit with my friend Kate, a day trip with Kate to NYC to the Met, homemade burgers on the 4th, watching some Tour de France and just trying to stay cool this past weekend.

I’m taking a photography class this summer at the Delaware Art Museum. So far it’s been fun, I’m learning a lot about my DSLR.

Also, we are thinking of updating our kitchen countertops. We’ve been checking out our options and trying to decide if we do a backsplash or not, decisions, decisions.

It’s been tough to run outside in the heat, but on days when it’s not too hot, we run. We haven’t signed up for a race yet, hopefully we will figure something out, a couple half marathons would be nice to do this year.

We signed up for a CSA (Community supported agriculture) again this year. Every week we get a fresh selection of fruit and veggies from a local farm. We are almost experts on what to do with fennel, kale and beets!

We have no big vacation planned for the summer, we don’t even have a single wedding to go to. The plans for the rest of the summer are to go to the  beach a couple more times, go camping one weekend, maybe visit the west coast, a visit one weekend in DC and plan some kind of fun overseas adventure for the fall.

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far!

July? Really?

Wow, how is it July already? Life sure does move pretty fast, you were right Ferris Bueller.

Tomorrow, Dave and I are heading out to a state park in PA to go camping. We are bringing Daisy along too, should be fun! After a little down time, our weekends are starting to fill up, so it will be nice to go on a little family adventure in the woods.

Happy weekend!


Summer is hanging by a thread

I don’t think Mother Nature really knows what season its suppose to be. Today sure felt like a warm summer day, I was struggling to run this evening, I wasn’t quite use to the heat after a couple of weeks of cool weather. All I know is that technically in another hour or so, it will officially be fall. I’m already googling to find the nearest Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts (I’m still learning the area and think its a pretty good sign I don’t have this information already memorized) to get myself some kind of delicious pumpkin spiced coffee drink. I think the coffee shop in the neighborhood even has a pumpkin drink, might be stopping by there on my way to work tomorrow morning.

Tonight I enjoyed 2 big glasses of milk with dinner. There is something about milk with dinner that makes me feel like a kid again, but boy, a glass of milk really hit the spot sometimes (especially with Mac n Cheese, although we didn’t have Mac N Cheese, but I’m thinking that’s on the menu for tomorrow).

Mother Nature is treating us to a pretty cool thunderstorm right now. I’m off to cuddle with Daisy on the couch and watch from the window.

Enjoy your night!