Hello Monday


Hope you had a wonderful weekend

We spent the weekend in Nashville, TN celebrating the wedding of a friend from college

It was a fun rustic country wedding with BBQ, hoe cakes, barns, lots of wine and country music

It was a quick weekend trip

We were back on Sunday in time to work on the garden before it got dark out (how I wish it didn’t have to get dark SO early)

So glad it’s Monday November 7th, our honeymoon trip is insight!


April 30, 2011: Our Wedding Day

The wedding was over 2 months ago (crazy!), but I wanted to give a final recap and tell the story of how the day evolved into our wedding day…

From the beginning we wanted our wedding to be simple, elegant and fun. We wanted it to feel like an elegant party we would have thrown in our backyard, had it been big enough to accommodate everyone. With such a great church and venue within blocks of our house, it almost was like hosting a party in our backyard!

We also knew we wanted to add lots of personal touches and I really wanted to make a lot of things myself. We were blessed to have the help of family and friends to help with all our DIY projects. Our DIY projects included, the invitations, programs, menus, favors, luminarias, ribbon wands, guestbook and the welcome bags. All our projects turned out just the way I hoped, we really were so lucky that our family pitched in to help.

I woke up early Saturday morning, just couldn’t sleep. After a bagel and a shower, it was time to get pretty. I had both a hair stylist and makeup artist come to the hotel to make everyone beautiful. Dave was having his own adventure that morning, a minor parking incident, I think he was a little nervous. I had some nerves too, it was a big day after all, but somehow I knew it would all fall into place. I enjoyed spending the morning with my bridal party as we all got ready.  Dave made it safely to his parent’s house to get ready with his guys. Eventually the morning came and went. The limo got us both to the church and the show was ready to begin!

We were married at the Catholic Church in our neighborhood (2 blocks from our house). The church has a simple beauty inside and represented “us” since in some way its part of our everyday lives (we walk our dog by the church and hear the bells ring every day).

The priest that married us was the same priest that married Dave’s parents some 30+ years ago. It worked out perfectly that Easter was the week before because the altar of the church was still decorated with various pots of lovely spring flowers. We had hydrangeas in colors of blue, purple and white hang from the pews, which were later brought to the reception.

Aisle decorations

The music selection was really important to us as we wanted something beautiful, but not too traditional. Our moms were seated to Ave Maria and my bridesmaid walked down to Simple Gifts. My dad and I walked down the aisle to an orchestra piece from the movie Love Actually, the Glasgow theme. It was lovely to hear the beginning of the song play, but as I made my way down the aisle, the music faded, I was too focused on Dave.

Here comes the bride!

I do wish we had the ceremony on video, it would be nice to watch it again in a few years. Saying our vows to each other was a wonderful memory, a happy moment in my life, declaring our love and commitment to each other in front of our family and friends. Without a video, I do think of that moment fondly, I can vividly picture the moment in my mind. Its hard to picture anyone around us because I just remember our eyes locked on each other, it felt like we were alone saying our vows to each other. And we kissed right after, I think our priest could sense we wanted to seal our vows with a kiss. The homily had a theme of love, working hard to make our marriage work and a nod to us as the ‘other’ royal wedding. And we stayed true to royal wedding form and kissed again at the end, pulling off the double kiss! The song at the end was special to Dave and I, the E.T. flying theme from the movie, something only Dave and I understand, but it was fun to hear our lovely song played as we left the church as husband and wife!

We're Married!

After the ceremony there were a lot of pictures to take. We took pictures with family outside of the church (it was such a gorgeous day!) and then went to a couple different spots with our wedding party to take pictures. There was a time gap between events, but somehow the time seemed to fly by.

Another one of my favorite moments was arriving at the Art Museum and seeing how all the pieces came together for the reception. It really was perfect! From the luminarias to the cake, everything all set out together looked amazing! And just looking around and knowing that my family helped with all the personal touches, really made me feel so thankful. Everything really did come from the heart! I’m excited to see how our ‘guestbook turns out. Instead of a traditional guestbook, my mom put together some fabric squares in our wedding colors, which she will sew together to make a quilt. Guests signed their names or left us well wishes on the squares. It will be a fun thing to display in our house and remind us of our day!

Place Cards


The cocktail hour was outside on the patio of the Art Museum. The weather couldn’t have been better, we really wanted to be outside and were so glad it worked out. The appetizers, the little that I had, were amazing. Dave and I both wish the cocktail hour could have lasted another hour. It was great to mingle, say hi to everyone and just enjoy the evening.

Cocktail Hour on the patio

Once everyone was inside, we did introductions and had a ceremonial opening of the champagne. As part of a new tradition in my family, at special events we serve champagne in a jeroboam. Once the champagne was popped, all eyes were on us for our first dance. There were speeches and dances with our parents. We enjoyed some of the food and went around to say hi to our guests. We were successful in our effort to say HI to all our guests. We cut the cake (the only bite we had) and then the dancing began.

The Art Museum all lit up!

Love our luminarias!

We had a blast dancing, our DJ played all our requests. It was great to see everyone hit the dance floor (although not to O.M.G. – a dance floor killer). Another one of my favorite moments of the day was the last couple dance songs. Everyone danced around us for Journey, Don’t Stop Believin’, but everyone wanted one more song. So the last song of the night was Daft Punk, One More Time. It was a great ending!

What an amazing day!

Now, this is the part of the story where I should say that we rode off into the sunset, but the night does not end just yet. Somehow we missed the hotel shuttle at the end of the night. Luckily, we scored a ride, although it involved 6 people squeezing into a mid-size sedan. I never thought I would leave my wedding sitting on Dave’s lap in the back of a car, but life is full of surprises. In the end, it was the best ride ever, we were had the radio blasting and were car dancing, it was great! We made it back to the hotel and hit up my Dad’s room to continue the fun! Somehow we had a ton of people stuffed into that room, but of course, were a little too loud for the neighbors. We ended up at the bar with a few other brides and their guests. Again, this might be a good time to ride off into the sunset, but after last call, we ended up in my friends hotel room and were dancing ’till the world ends’, literally.

We did eventually ride off into the sunset. After a “polish brunch” the next day and saying goodbye to family, we made our way to Cape May to relax for a few days, it was lovely!

To celebrate such an occasion with all our family and friends was an amazing experience. We were so glad to be able to share our day with those that traveled near and far.The day was exactly how we had imagined and we loved every minute of it. And finally, we are so thankful for all the help and support from our family, we wouldn’t have been able to pull off such an amazing day without them.

To April 30th!

Love, J&D

Recap: Friday, April 29th

Serious delay in updating, but I’m slowly getting my recaps done!

Friday was a fun day! There was a lot going on, not only in Delaware, but in London. Will and Kate were going to tie the knot and millions of people would be watching. I set my DVR to record the big event, I figured I had to check it out at some point. I didn’t plan on watching it live, I was hoping to sleep in as I hadn’t been getting a lot of sleep during the week.

5:30am came around and I woke up to use the bathroom and was wide awake. So, I like many, tuned in to watch. I only watched until Kate came to the church. She did look stunning in her dress. And after the big unveil, it was back to sleep….

I did sleep in a bit, after going to bed late after our rockin’ party. Maybe a little too much, as I was awoken by all my ladies that were ready to go get their nails done. After a quick shower, I was off to the nail salon to meet up and get pretty.

I was so proud of myself because I went weeks without biting my nails, so they were pretty and long. I did a french manicure on my finger nails and a light pink on my toes, they were so pretty! After the nail salon, one of my MOH’s came back to the house to help me with some last minute tasks (table #s on the place cards).  There were a few hours left to relax, pack my things for the next day and get ready for our rehearsal.

The rehearsal went well, but was a little bit stressful. I hadn’t quite planned out all the family who would walk together down the aisle and there were some quick decisions that had to be made on the spot, but they all worked out. That’s the thing with planning a wedding, everything usually works itself out.

We went through the ceremony a couple of times, mostly focusing on the timing of when to walk. We signed our marriage license and it was on to the rehearsal dinner!

We had such a great time at our rehearsal dinner, there was much excitement in the air! We created a slide show to be shown at the reception and decided to share it first with our friends and family at the rehearsal dinner, which was well received (thank goodness!) During dinner Dave got up to speak and literally had everyone in the room, especially me, crying with his beautiful speech. It was one of my favorite moments of the weekend, I was so touched by his words and so overwhelmingly happy I was going to get to marry him in less than 24 hours!

Although I wasn’t expecting a surprise, I should have known that Dave’s siblings would be up to something. The Queen of Delaware and some of her royal entourage were unexpected guests at our dinner. They were there to attend the royal wedding of Delaware and welcome me into the family. There was some what of a ‘ceremony’, complete with a red ‘carpet’, crazy hats, pins for all our guests, the crowning of Dave & I as the new royalty in Delaware and a  few heartfelt speeches. It was quite the royal treatment! Another wonderful memory to capture in the wedding jar, everyone was laughing and enjoying the fun!

After dinner, we headed out to a local bar by the hotel to hang out and drink away some of the nerves. Eventually, Dave and I said our goodbyes, we would meet up again the next day at the end of the aisle. It was off to bed, off to dream of my royal wedding to come!

Busy Wedding Bee

I can’t believe there are only 3 days till the big day!

My parents are in town now, I’m off from work, we have errands to run and a few last-minute things to do.

It’s almost like we are having a 4 day wedding event, because all the fun begins Thursday. We are having a gathering at our house, which might just end up as awesome as our wedding reception.

Friday, everyone will be in town. It’s all about primping and practicing and then a little evening fun.

Saturday, I marry my love with all those we love around us.

And then Sunday, we get to have full analysis of all the events at a family brunch.

I’m so excited to have all my family and friends come into town to celebrate!

Today is all about the last-minute items. We have menus to fold, programs to put together, place cards and a few other small tasks. Daisy is even going to the groomers to get herself cleaned up.

I’m going to try to blog all that I can, as I really want to take in and remember this special weekend. Maybe there won’t be as many pictures in the posts to come, they may be more like a diary of events, but I will post pictures later.

Happy Wednesday!

My Bridal Shower

This past weekend my lady friends and family came together for my bridal shower here in Delaware. It wasn’t a surprise, with my mom coming into town, that would be a hard secret to keep. Plus I insisted I be kept in the loop, I wanted to make sure I had a dress to wear. I was surprised about all the fun details, I wasn’t kept in the loop about those things. And I was pleasantly surprised to see my lovely step mother there, it was so  nice to have both my mom and her there!

My one maid of honor Jess was in charge of the shower. She did such a wonderful job, from the invites to the favors and coordinating everything long distance. Although somehow Miss. Kate (my other maid of honor) was in charge of the shower game, which was having others laugh at my expense, something I’m sure Kate enjoyed immensely.

Teri (bridesmaid) and my niece Clare (junior bridesmaid) are both in Denver, so there weren’t able to make it, but Megan (bridesmaid) was there to represent them. She did a lovely job on my rehearsal bouquet!

I have such great friends, present and non-present!

Looking at several different cameras

To give you a quick recap:

There was punch, there was really good finger food. There was the opening of gifts,  there were mustaches. There was a quilt, luggage, and a scrapbook. There was wine, there was cake. Daisy tried to sneak a piece of tomato pie from the table when no one was looking. It was a nice sunny day with so many wonderful people present.

Looking at my scrapbook
Opening gifts
Some of the guests
Lots of utensils!
The quilt my mom made me

The shower game was like the “Newlywed Game’ except I was the only one answering the questions and these were not very normal questions. I realized I would never do very well on a real game show, I messed up on even the easiest questions. I guess I was nervous about being totally embarrassed. Every wrong answer I got, I had to not only add a piece of bubble gum to my mouth, but also wear a funny mustache.

Kate and the mustaches
No wrong answers yet or maybe the game hasn’t started
Nice look for me
Might have to grow a mustache for the wedding photos

It really was a wonderful day and I’m so thankful for all the people that were there to celebrate. Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate/had a part in making it such a wonderful day!

I’m really looking forward to the big celebration!

Wedding Colors = Lovely

Purples and blues, those are the colors we chose for our wedding. I absolutely love them! They fit in perfectly with the time of year we are getting married and I especially love all the spring flowers we will be able to use in our colors.


I look at a lot of wedding blogs and it’s hard to not fall in love with colors that other people are using. We did have an idea at first  to use turquoise with other colors, which are also lovely.

But I love our colors more and more, especially as the day nears. And after checking out the official Royal Wedding website this past week, it would seem that Kate also likes at least purple (although maybe they are using the colors on the website to throw people off).

It’s amazing how colors can really shape a wedding, I’ve found our colors have been such great inspiration.

We had a very busy wedding week. We met with the priest, picked out our readings for church, picked out the music for the ceremony, went to a registry event, I picked up my wedding ring/Dave picked and ordered his and we finished the week with engagement photos with our photographer. This week is pretty calm in comparison. A good week to work on some small details and more importantly reflect on our journey so far. We have accomplished so much, if we were using a marathon as a metaphor, it would seem we have reached mile 20, it’s all down hill from here!

And on a more exciting note, we officially have 7 people to date coming to our wedding, YAY!

I love mail!

Mail, you are so wonderful! What’s not to love about a lovely surprise waiting in your mailbox. Maybe I’m old school, but I’m glad the whole e-card fad died down. And I’m one lucky girl because I’ve always gotten cards from Grandma’s, postcards from friends/family and random (and I do mean random) packages from my mom. I even like getting bills, but I despise junk mail (evil!).

This may sound silly, but I have to say one of the best aspects of getting married is all the mail! So far we have gotten a lot of unexpected lovely packages, but soon enough we will be getting a lot more mail. Over the weekend Dave and I completed our invitations (we had our response cards to complete, see work in progress below).

As of this morning, the invitations are in the mail!

I’m excited to get our response cards back. Only two months away!

Wedding Event aka Food Tasting

Our venue had a bridal event last week. They did a fabulous job showcasing the museum as a great place for a wedding. There were other brides and event planners in attendance (found out our wedding is the first one of the year). It was sort of like a mock reception with a cocktail hour, dinner, although there was no dancing. Dave and I had a great time, as did Dave’s parents, who were our guests. The museum was spectacular, I’m so excited! We were also able to try out most of the popular menu items as well. Since most people say you don’t really get a chance to eat at our own wedding, this was a great to not only eat the food we will have, but also to enjoy it.

I posted a few pictures on my Flickr account, check them out. This picture is awesome however, one of many reasons the museum is such a beautiful place for a wedding.

Entrance to the Art Museum

66 days, oh my!

Wow, time sure does fly when you have a countdown going. It makes me want to countdown the years before I retire, but I would like to enjoy life before I’m old and retired. That is one disadvantage to counting down, although I am trying to not stress about all things wedding and enjoy the build up.

Just this past weekend I was in Seattle. My family and I got together to work on all things paper. We did the invitations, the table numbers, started work on the programs, found place cards and some thank you notes. It was nice to be around very creative minds, it helped me get my vision for the wedding. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful people to help me. Sure we could have bought wonderful invitations, but making them together was a priceless experience.

A few other projects were started in Seattle, Dave and I finished our pre-cana classes for the church, we have a food tasting for our venue tomorrow night, I have a make-up trial Saturday and that’s just this week! It’s all coming together and I really am looking forward to being able to enjoy this special day with Dave and all our friends and family.

Off to bed, but not without sharing a few of my inspirations

Holy Moly!

Hello world!
My life seems to be all about the wedding. We are 100 days away (holy moly!) so there are a lot of things still left to do.  Figuring out the logistics is not very fun, but I do get a sense if accomplishment when we make a decision on something.
It’s Dave birthday weekend, so we get a bit of a break from wedding stuff to play in the snow and enjoy the company of friends. I’m a little annoyed with all the snow we have gotten this year (not so much total snow, its the # of days its snowed), but I’m sure being able to play in the snow like a kid will reaffirm my love.
Wow, only a 100 days to go. Exciting and a bit nerve racking at the same time.