Happy Weekend!

Somehow it doesn’t feel like a Sunday, it was a good weekend, guess I just don’t want it to end. We had fun this weekend partaking in some pre-wedding anniversary celebrating. On Friday night, we met up with Dave’s parent’s and had dinner at Eclipse Bistro on Union Street. Surprisingly, Dave and I have never been there before. The food was amazing! We had a great time catching up and talking about all the amazing fun we had last year with all the wedding activities.

Dave had to work on Saturday, so I went and had some fun at the Whole Foods in Glen Mills, PA. I got to make my own honey jar, get some bulk spices and pick up some freshly made pasta. Our Saturday night was spent enjoying some fresh ravioli’s, champagne and the movie 50/50 (made me cry and laugh all at the same time, great movie!).

And Sunday we picked up our anniversary cake! The bakery we used for our wedding cake offers you the option to pick up a fresh cake a year later instead of freezing your original cake. Isn’t it lovely!

Before we could enjoy any cake, we had to work on our garden first. The front yard was in pretty good shape, but we had some planting to do in the back. While checking out our alley way, we found a plant hook, a little rusty, but could easily be cleaned up and put to good use. So we got a scrub brush and some spray paint, a very quick and easy project. Check out the before and after.



This year I planted a cherry tomato plant, basil and some mint. Here’s hoping we will be enjoying some caprese salads and mojitos all summer long.

Flower baskets

View of the backyard

And yes, we did enjoy some of our cake tonight, a day early. Both of us didn’t have ANY cake at our own wedding, so we were excited to have a slice. Plus, it’s giant, so we are going to enjoy a little every night until we leave for our anniversary trip. We are headed to Phoenix, AZ – a combo trip to celebrate “us” and attend my cousin’s graduation. We scored a nice resort in Scottsdale and the weather is in the high 90’s, we can’t wait!


Garden is ready!

9 days away, we are in single digits people, crazy!

Finally it is starting to look like spring around here! The trees have beautiful blooms and leaves.

We mulched and tidied up our front garden. I love my spring flowers, we have a couple of tulips and daffodils that popped up, next fall I must plant more bulbs, spring flowers are my favorite!

Our Garden

Soon family and guests will begin to arrive, it’s all becoming very real, I can’t wait!

I get to marry my best friend in 9 days!!!!!!!