Mrs. Fields has found me again!

In January, “it” came in the mail, and I know it was time to move. “It” being the Mrs. Fields cookie catalog. I ordered a cookie cake about 8 years ago online and ever since then Mrs. Fields has been tempting me with her cookie catalog. I’ve moved 4 times in the last 8 years, without notifying Mrs. Fields of my new address and EVERY TIME she finds me! It can take about 2 years between moves, but she’s good, she can track me down. It’s a weird game Mrs. Fields and I have going on, one might suggest I call and remove myself from the mailing list, but it always seems fitting about the time she finds me, it’s time for me to move anyways.

Thanks Jessica for my knick knacks! I participated in Dinosaur Toes knick knack exchange and it made my day to receive this little package in the mail. I’m a little late in blogging about it and also getting my knick knack out, but I’m finally knocking things off my ‘to do’ list.

Tea and a coffee cozy

This past weekend Dave and I went shopping for some items for our upcoming trip. Yes, I will be that lame American wearing tennis shoes, but we plan to walk a lot and run in each country we visit. I found some pretty sweet walking/running shoes and some cute sandals (only paid $7 for the sandals!)

Sneakers and Sandals

I’ve been so good this year for Lent and haven’t had any sweets! To be honest, it hasn’t been as challenging as I thought it would be, the whole out of sight, out of mind, works well. I have been enjoying some honey when I do feel a need for a sweet fix. I love honey!


So glad tomorrow is Friday!

Big plans for the weekend? I’m off to Delaware, we are heading to an Irish celebration in Philly and maybe doing a 5k that practically begins in front of Dave’s house. The rain may be a damper on the weekend, but rain can be fun as well 🙂


Sugar Sugar

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Hope you are enjoying the week. I had off yesterday, it was glorious! I’m not sure how I’m going survive a full week of work next week!

This past weekend I went up to DE to be with my Valentine on Valentine’s Day. On Saturday, we finally saw Avatar. After the movie, we went to the newly opened Santa Fe Wilmington. We both really enjoyed this place. The food is what they called “latin fusion”, very delicious. Dave’s meal came out in a lava rock bowl, it was pretty awesome. I would have loved to do a full review with pictures, but the lighting was very dim/intimate.

Here are some random things going on:

  • The snow is still around, I wish it would melt faster than it is. I want to run for miles and miles, but the snow is in my way 😦
  • I received some good news at work today!
  • I’m giving up ALL sweets for Lent. No cookies, cake, ice cream, candy, pie, and muffins might even make that list. Usually I just give up cookies or candy, but I’m cutting it all out until Easter, which comes at a very good time (details coming soon!)
  • I love LOST, can’t believe this is the final season!