I said YES!

March 30th, 2010, was an amazing day! Dave asked me to marry him!

Here’s our story:

Yesterday was also my last day at work and the day I was officially moving to Delaware. So I went to work, unsuspecting of the life-changing events that would happen later. Dave was taking the train in to meet me at work so we could pack up the rest of my belongings and drive up to Delaware together. Once he made it to my office, Dave suggested that we go to one of my favorite place’s so we could say one final goodbye to the DC/VA area. Again, I was unsuspecting, as this seemed like a normal Dave/Jen adventure. So off we went to Arlington House, on the Arlington Cemetery grounds, which is Robert E Lee’s old plantation before the Union Soldiers took it over during the Civil War. The best part about this house is it sits on top of a hillside that overlooks all of DC and you have a great view of all the monuments. We made it to the house and took in the beautiful view. Then Dave suggested we wander away from the crowd to this cool other overlook. Dave began telling me some lovely things about us, our time in DC/VA, and the great place we were standing at and then said, we should leave this area on a high note, and he had a question to ask me. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry me. I was totally shocked, I couldn’t really believe this was all happening, I didn’t really believe him at first, said something to that effect, but then said YES! It took a few minutes for it all to sink in, then I was jumping around, crying, and saying ‘oh my gosh oh my gosh’. We had our own private moment and only after did someone come down to check out our little secret overlook. We had them take a picture of us, so two dudes from Alabama were the first to know. I’m so happy, it was quite the high note to ride off into the sunset together on!

And now we are off to celebrate in Europe!

Shortly after - I'm super happy!

The View


What’s going on?

Hey friends, what’s going on? A whole lot has been going on here. Here’s a recap of the past 8 days:

  • A few good dinners and outings out with a few good friends
  • Hanging out at The White House – yep, Dave scored tour tickets, it was so cool! No photo evidence, my only proof is that I know the “Green Room” and the “Red Room” have fabric on the walls.
  • Tour of DC with the Duszaks, complete with Newseum tour, protest at the Capitol (from a distance), Dupont Circle, and waving to Obama as he drove by.
  • Packing up most of my stuff
  • Selling my furniture
  • Enjoying the spring weather and lovely spring flowers
  • $1 move showing of “The Blind Side” (great movie!)
  • Weeds viewing marathon

I have 3 days of work left. In 5 days, Delaware will be the place I call home. And this time next week, I will be on a plane heading for London. Yep, my life will be completely different in a week. Quite a crazy thought.

For now, I’m enjoying listening to the rain on my air mattress and just relaxing. My only plans for the weekend are to enjoy some Arlington adventures with K8, attempt to learn some survival French, and some last-minute research for the trip.

Hope all is well with you!

It’s Groundhog Day!

Of course Phil would see his shadow, we got snow this weekend and it’s snowing this evening, with more snow this weekend. Guess DC is the actually North Dakota, I must have missed that memo!

Speaking of weekend, Dave and had a pretty fun time playing tourist this past weekend. We hung out Friday night till the wee hours of the night with some of his college friends in Adam’s Morgan. Jumbo slice pizza, you are oh so tasty!

Then on Saturday morning we headed to the Capitol as we have reserved tickets for a tour. The new visitor center is lovely and I was probably the only on in the theater that wanted to watch the intro 13 minute video again (I love history!). One doesn’t get to go inside the chambers, but I’m sure if you get a tour through your Congress person you can see a few other areas of the Capitol.

After dining a la college dining hall Congress style, we decided to follow the tunnel that led us to the Library of Congress. One of my goals in life (sad?) is to touch, look, read a book from the Library of Congress. Dave and I had gone a few months before to get our reader cards and once you have that, all the books in the world are at your finger tips. So we had access to the main reading room, found a couple books, explored while we waited for our books, and then read for a bit. It was so awesome! The Library of Congress is the coolest library ever! The building is also lovely, so if you don’t get a reader card, its worth just checking out the building that is open to the public. Sneaky picture taking:

All the while it was snowing outside

Sunday was a relax-and-do-nothing kind of day. Hope you enjoyed the weekend!

We are having a chili cook-off at work this week. I’ve entered the contest, the prize money is worth the try. I’ll let you know how it goes and just may share my recipe.

Off to enjoy some LOST!

Historic Day

Wow, what a historic day! I’m so glad I was able to see the day that we finally broke down the racial barriers that have plagued our history for so long and swore in an African-American President. Assuming all goes well for Obama and he wins again in 2012, I’m hoping a woman (and not Palin!) finally makes it to the White House in 2016! Then I’ll have lived to see it all. 

Although I live just miles from the Mall, I was not there today. I was there in spirit, as I was rather excited, but I did not want to suffer the same fate as President Harrison. I developed a cold a few days ago and have been out in the cold the past couple days taking part in the celebration. It was amazing though, such a historic moment. 

So what have I been up to this weekend? Well, I checked out Slumdog Millionaire on Friday night. Awesome movie, must see! A couple parts I had to turn away and sadly I’m sure that is the way of the world, but it was a movie of love and hope, fitting for the celebration going on in DC this past weekend. Saturday night, I had this brilliant idea to go into DC and try and see Obama’s train come into Union Station. I scoped out a place to watch on Google Maps and waited outside in the freezing cold for over an hour, but didn’t see the train. I might have been too late, I might have left and just missed the train, but when I couldn’t feel my toes anymore, I had to leave.  Sunday I went with my roomie to go see the concert on the Mall. We weren’t able to get in to the gated area, but we saw the end of the concert on the jumbo-tron. It was awesome to hear Obama speak! It was awesome to experience the crowd, everyone was so excited to be there, and so happy for Obama. And I got to walk across the Roosevelt Bridge, doesn’t happen everyday! Monday, I signed up to volunteer stuffing packages for our troops at RFK stadium. They set up a tent on the field and had an assembly line of people going trick-or-treating for items to be put in the bags for the troops. When I initially walked in, a volunteer asked if I would like to put items in the bags as the people walked by, and I hopped on board. It was cool to be on that side of the bag, especially when some of the to-be-confirmed cabinet members came to be part of the event and I got to drop items in the bags for the attorney general, director of homeland security, a senator, and the treasury secretary. It was awesome and the group hosting the event were able to reach the goal of making 75,000 bags for the troops. Which brings everyone up-to-date.

My only regret was not dropping $500 on a ticket to Jay-Z’s show on Monday night. Of course it was awesome (according to the Post’s review) and he had Mary J. Blige and Beyonce as guests! Not sure if that would have been worth $500 (and likely I would have had to fly solo as I don’t know too many crazy people), but it did sound amazing!