July? Really?

Wow, how is it July already? Life sure does move pretty fast, you were right Ferris Bueller.

Tomorrow, Dave and I are heading out to a state park in PA to go camping. We are bringing Daisy along too, should be fun! After a little down time, our weekends are starting to fill up, so it will be nice to go on a little family adventure in the woods.

Happy weekend!



Like the California Adventure Theme Park

Finally, an update on my California Adventure.

First off, our vacation was awesome! It was the perfect mix of family, relaxing, seeing new places, doing new things and just having a great time. We were able to hang out with Mom, Jim, and Daisy and go camping with Dave’s family.

Dave and I left at the crack of dawn in order to be able to enjoy a full day when we got to CA. My Mom and Jim picked us up from the airport and we stopped home to say hi to Daisy and enjoy a nice lunch at the Wente golf course. We got our camping stuff together, went to the store for last minute items, took Daisy on a walk, and enjoyed a nice “test” bbq dinner. The next day we were out kayaking on Lake Del Valle and then off to SF to meet up with Dave’s sister, bro’s and bro-in-law.  Here’s a fun picture of Daisy (it’s hard to believe she is 5 years old already!):

The next morning, once we packed up the rented Kia, we were off to our campsite at Castle Crags State Park. It’s quite amazing how much the landscape changes when driving in CA. We made it through the urban city, through the valley, drove through a fire on the highway, and after a few pit stops, made it to the mountains of the Shasta-Trinity area. Thank goodness we were able to pick out our campsite because we were thinking the riverside campsite sounded good, but then realized it was right by the train tracks (which was very active) and our neighbor would be some nosy lady riding around on her bike. We set up camp, cooked up some food and went to bed.

The next few days were spent hiking, exploring, checking out lakes and water falls. Our first hike was a bit strenuous, but well worth it once you made it to the top. We climbed the Castle Crags! See below the pictures of the crags from below, a great view of Mt. Shasta, and a picture on top of the crags.

After our hike up the crags, we went to Lake Sis (as the locals call it) to relax. And then later, watched the fireworks from Mt. Shasta City. We also went and checked out Mt. Shasta (Andrew and I hung out, they hiked up to play in the snow) and the McCloud River/Falls. Again, everyone except Andrew and I jumped off the rocks and into the lower fall (we were staying relaxed that day and I didn’t want everyone to know I was a big chicken and afraid to jump).

Ok, update to continue later today. It’s 1am and I’m falling asleep!