Turkey Day Weekend Update

A quick update on the long weekend:
  • I heart the train! I think I say this every time.
  • Turkey day was delicious – didn’t wake up in time for the 5k, but was able to run before the intake of mass amounts of calories began.
  • The new Urban Wildlife Refuge in Wilmington is super awesome.
  • VT beat UD! The game at the Palestra in Philly was pretty cool, UD tied the game to kick it into overtime.
  • I’m the only one who loves ‘Pink Stuff’ – working on a fancy French name for my cranberry mold, hoping a name change will confuse others into loving it as much as I do. (note to self: find cranberry mold lovers club, if one does not exist, start one, vote self as president)

I enjoyed every minute of my super awesome long weekend in DE.

I missed my family, but it was great to spend time with Dave (awwww!).

I’m heading to Cancun in 5 days for a wedding. The weather is going to be in the high 80’s. The current weather in VA – cold and rainy. I must remember to take more vacations during the winter, especially to places where it feels like summer.

Update on crafts: So I had a minor set-back in my sewing adventures. Turns out you need a presser foot to use a sewing machine and I seemed to have lost mine. Ordered a new one online, hopefully I will get soon. Fun xmas gifts and crafts may turn into winter gifts and crafts :/




Happy Thanksgiving!

I watched a program last night on the history of Thanksgiving and a very important point was made, for the most part Thanksgiving is not commercialized. The whole point is to be thankful for a delicious meal that is enjoyed with family and friends and its been that way throughout history.

So I hope everyone enjoys the time spent with family and friends and a wonderful meal!

Happy Thanksgiving!