At the moment…


… reflecting on the life of a great man, who left this world far too soon. MLK is such an inspiring leader, take a moment to read/watch some of his speeches, his words will move you.

… finished all the final touches for my husband’s birthday extravaganza.

… I’m also using MLK’s quote as an inspiration to keep up my winter running. There is a half marathon in Delaware coming up in March that my husband and I also say we will run. I think this is our year.

… slightly obsessed with the band Haim, I’ve been listening to their album on repeat for weeks straight. They play in Philly in May, not sure I can wait that long to see them live.

… realizing that I did a similar blog post only twice last year, one being January 15th, guess this is my thing in January.

… we are trying to decide where to go on our next travel adventure, somewhere in Central or South America. Any recommendations???

… sad that the fire station on our block moved over the weekend to their new station. I’m going to miss the fire engine going down our block and saying Hi to the guys on my daily walk with Daisy, their absence is already noticed.

… looking forward to a short work week!



Looking for some Holiday Spirit?

I’ve found that an effective way to get into the holiday spirit is to turn on some holiday tunes, crank up the volume, and sing at the top of your lungs. Give it a try!

And yes, I have been doing this in my car (thanks college roommate Meghan for the awesome holiday CD’s we made that one year, I still listen to them!), so if you see a weirdo singing and dancing in their car, it’s probably me.

The Itchy and Scratchy Show….

It’s finally Friday! Here’s a random update of what’s going on:

  • Dave and I have our final wedding of the year this weekend. Sure, we only had 5, which may not be a ton compared with some people that have weddings every weekend over the summer, but it seems like a lot!
  • It’s also the weekend of the Halloween loop, which we may or may not attend (see above). Not sure what I’m going to dress up as this year, I feel out of the loop on Halloween, so I haven’t given it much thought. Maybe I’ll get some blood and other makeup so Dave and I can be ghostly wedding guests. I also found some mouse ears from a previous Halloween, so maybe I’ll be Itchy. I feel like I want to be gory and gruesome instead of cute and sexy (I’m always the latter, Halloween is a time to be what I’m not, haha)
  • I’m attempting to improve my cooking skills. I’ve baked a couple different breads, made some chili, and tried out a few different potato recipes. I’m hoping to make some soup, a Shepard’s pie, and some tasty treats in the coming months. I might even try and take a class, could be fun.
  • I’m starting to feel a cold coming on, which I’ve been trying to fight the past couple weeks. There are two sick people in my immediate work area, so I knew the germs were all around and it would be an uphill battle. (Sipping my Emergen-C as we I write)
  • Music! I’m into so many good bands at the moment. And there are a bunch of great CD’S that have or will be coming out soon. Thank you Stephenie Meyer for your awesome playlists, I’ve discovered and rediscovered so many good bands. Thank you as well, not only can I discover new bands, I can hear their albums online and purchase mp3’s for cheap!
  • Still running and looking forward to a few more races to run in before it gets too cold.

Have a great weekend!

Too much thinking for a Monday?

I feel rotten. I gave in to my negative thoughts. I gave in to trying to control life. I need to change my thoughts/attitude before and not after the fact. It does no good to try and fix the damage when I could have prevented the damage. I need to let go of control. I know that God is trying to teach me that I can’t control anything, no matter how hard I try. I need to start listening. Life is simply unpredictable. Good things will happen and bad things will happen and there is no way to control when those things will happen. I think I need to go skydiving and really take in the whole experience. Free falling out of an airplane, no control of what may happen. That would definitely teach me a lesson.

I feel sick and guilty when I think negatively. I feel weak. I feel like I’m taking the easy way out. I want to change. I feel better when I focus on the positive things. I feel happy. I feel strong. I know there is a power to positive thinking that would beat the crap out of negative thinking. I’m going to stop taking the easy way out, sometimes the right thing to do takes more effort. I have good things going on in my life and even better, good people in my life.

I’m sorry to those that have to deal with me struggling to learn and change. I am thankful you are a part of my life.

I’m hopeful.

The song on the new Coldplay album, “Death and All His Friends” is great! I’ve been listening to it all day and Chris Martin’s explanation of the song is in line with my thoughts. “Well, this is supposed to be the theme of the album, really. We’re aware of all the bad stuff in life, you know — i.e. Death and all his friends — but that doesn’t mean you should ever give in to it, you know? So we all sing that bit together really loudly, as kind of a message to ourselves: never giving up and never focusing on the bad stuff too much.”

Music is amazing.