Running down a dream

I think I’m almost done with all my holiday stuff! I get to relax for an hour or two and then all the holiday fun begins. This weekend I’m going to a holiday party in DE and then Dave and I will celebrate together, I work for a few days and then its back to DE for a hot second and then off to CA. Time usually seems to fly by this time of year, it’s going surprisingly slow this month, but I’m not complaining. Not sure where this year went, but I will take a nice slow-moving month to end the year.

I’ve been running after work. It’s cold out, but of course once you get going, you warm up pretty quick. I’m a nerd, but I’ve really enjoyed running through the different neighborhoods and checking out all the holiday decorations. When I was younger we use to always drive through different neighborhoods to check out the decorations, so it reminds me of that fun memory, except its more environmental!

I’m going to try to update my pictures before my battery dies. GETTING MY NEW COMPUTER THIS WEEKEND! I’m so excited!


I’m Bringing Retro Back

That’s right, I’m bringing retro back. Lately, I’ve been on a kick to learn how to sew again. During my freshman year in high school, I took a home economics class, in which we learned many things that were probably taught in the same class during the 50’s, but one thing we learned was to sew. It was pretty cool, I made myself a pair of PJ bottoms and a dress (which I believe won me some kind of honorable mention in the county fair). My mom is a fantastic seamstress turned quilter, so this desire must be in my DNA.

Home-made creations were something I grew up with. I don’t have distinct memories about some new tablecloth my mom may have bought for the holidays, but I remember the sets of placemats and napkins she made and would bring out for the holidays. I can’t even remember what costumes I wore in high school for Halloween, but I can remember the cool costumes my mom made for me when I was younger. I’m sure I had lots of cool clothes for my Barbies, but when it came time to go through all my Barbie stuff, I kept the awesome clothes and furniture that was made to me by my neighbors when I was younger. Maybe all these things stand out because I was so in awe that someone could make all these things themselves, I grew up in a time when people didn’t make their own stuff, it was easier to buy and maybe even more economical. But all those home-made creations were special and I’m still thankful for the time and effort put into making them. We are a lazy society these days, we go for the easy way out, but I’m trying to do my part to bring the home-made creations back, especially within my own generation. Of course, I’m not alone in my quest, just look at all the crafty people on Etsy. I may sound lame to some and maybe I’m becoming like my mother (it’s inevitable I’m sure, so why fight my destiny), but at least to my little circle of family and friends I want to share with them cool home-made creations.

Although I’ve done a few crafty things in the past, I’m trying to kick it up a notch. I’ve been starting out small, hemming all my dress pants, I have about 7 pairs I’ll be hemming. I have a few Christmas gifts in mind to craft up that I’ve seen at the craft store. Also, I have a pattern for a cool dress that I would like to make and found some cool sewing projects online. Some craft ideas are a little dated, but I’m hoping to stick with more modern crafts, who knows maybe even come up with a few of my own ideas.

My Seattle family is great about supporting local artists, so I plan to do the same. My goal for Christmas shopping this year is to either make it myself and for those things I can’t make, I plan to support local artists or other fellow crafters. Of course, there may be some exceptions, but for the most part it will be a crafty holiday season!