A lovely long weekend

Hi! Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. I took off on Friday, so I enjoyed a nice long weekend.

Friday was my pumpkin day. In the morning, I walked to Dunkin’ Donuts and brought home a pumpkin donut and a pumpkin iced latte. Not the healthiest breakfast, but I did walk over a 1/2 mile.

Breakfast of Champions

Dave finished up the backyard, installing a new light. Check out the end result, it looks so good! We looked at the before pictures, its a little embarrassing we didn’t do this sooner.

Backyard painting complete

Saturday night, we went to Philly for an evening out in the new hipster happenin’ neighborhood of North Liberties.

Sunday was running 10 miles and football. We also had some new pumpkin beer.

Southern Tier - Pumking

If you get a chance, be sure to try the Southern Tier Brewing Company Pumking beer. It’s delicious! There is a nice pumpkin taste which is balanced out with a good mixture of spices.

We’ve had nothing but rain all day today. We took a break from running and did some strength training at the gym this evening. For dinner, I made a delicious meal from a recipe I found in a Costco ad cookbook. I made Chicken, Spinach, and Tomatoes on top of pearled pesto couscous with a balsamic sauce.


The couscous looks like peas in this picture, it was my first time trying pearled couscous. It was very good!

Off to bed!


Are you ready…

…for some football?? I know that summer doesn’t officially end till September 22, but with football on TV, cooler weather, and people talking about pumpkin spice lattes, it sure does feel like fall.

We have been having some great weather here, great for marathon training. Here’s a look at our schedule this week:

  • Mon: Rest
  • Tues: 4 miles
  • Wed: 8 miles
  • Thurs: Interval Training
  • Fri: 4-5 miles
  • Sat: 14 miles
  • Sun: Rest

Sunday is needed to  relax and watch football. And maybe have a pumpkin ale! It’s a little annoying that all the pumpkin ales are out now, but come late October, all they will have in the stores are winter ales.

I enjoyed my first pumpkin ale this week. I’m on a quest to see who makes the best pumpkin ale. The first contestant was Smuttynose. Their pumpkin ale had a lot of pumpkin flavor, although I like a little more spice to my pumpkin ale, which it seemed to lack.

Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale

Next contestant: TBD

Very excited tomorrow is Friday.


Beer Challenge

It’s late and I haven’t had time to blog about my CA adventure. I did want to quickly note that during our camping trip we had a Bud Light, Coors Light beer challenge. The idea being, they are pretty much the same beer, and a simple taste test was needed to prove that this theory was true. Well, six of participated in the beer challenge, and…

…only one of us got it right (Lisa). Just thinking in terms of probablity, I think we proved that it’s the same beer in different cans.