Daisy has IVDD

Before we went to NYC, we noticed that Daisy was limping our her left front paw. We thought that she injured it some how jumping off the bed. We were practicing conservative management (rest with leash walks for bathroom breaks only), which we had learned about when Daisy hurt her knee a couple years ago. She seemed to be getting better after our NYC trip, but it was one of those things where she just didn’t quite seem herself.

Daisy and her hurt paw

Then last Friday morning Daisy was slow to get up in the morning and refused to go down the stairs. She was reluctant to eat her food and seemed to be in pain. We quickly got her in to the vet that morning and learned that Daisy may have Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD). In a nutshell, the disks are like shock absorbers for the spine and if they begin to degenerate, they aren’t as good at absorbing the compression placed on them, which can cause pain and potential spinal cord damage.  Beagles are a breed that are predisposed to IVDD, so after a check by the vet, all symptoms seemed to point to IVDD. The injured paw was not really injured, it’s likely she was having nerve pain from her back shooting down her front legs as she was using her damaged disks.

Daisy was put on pain medication and strict confinement to help heal any damaged disks she may have. This means, no stairs, no walks, no jumping for 2  weeks. If she shows signs of improvement after 2 weeks, the strict confinement continues for another 2 weeks just so she can completely heal.

We keep her downstairs most of the time and use a carrier to transport her up and down our stairs. It’s been over a week now and she is showing signs of improvement. Of course the real challenge begins as she starts to feel better for both us and her, as we have to try and keep her from doing extra activity (like stealing socks and running around) and stay rested as she continues to heal.

Long term we will have to care for this in a lesser form of conservative management. Walks will be allowed, but we will have to minimize the stairs (which in our house are so steep) and jumping. And we will need to be on the watch for any signs that she may be in pain as this disease can progress at any time.

It’s so hard when you see an animal in pain, how I wish we could at least telepathically communicate to understand what’s going on. Although I’m sure Daisy’s thoughts consist of food, food, treats, walk, squirrel, food, food, people that feed me my food, squeaky toy, food, pain, food, sleep. We hope in a few weeks she will be back to her crazy Daisy self!


Beautiful September Weekend

Hello family and friends!

I enjoyed a wonderful weekend, we had such beautiful weather. Here’s a recap:


We met up with 2 other couples to go to Davio’s in Philly for restaurant week. On Friday at this restaurant you can bring your own wine (BYO), so each couple brought 2 bottles of wine, we were set for a great night! The food was really good. I had gnocchi for my 1st course, salmon for my 2nd and a desert sampler for my third. We went to a really good restaurant last year as well, we definitely will have to make a point to go twice a year for restaurant week in Philly, there are so many good places to try out.


After a slow moving relaxing morning, I made it out to Brides and Grooms in Newark to buy my wedding dress! I’m so excited, I tried it on my last time and had no doubts. It was a little weird as I was trying on my dress, a bunch of high schoolers were trying on homecoming dresses. I didn’t really feel old, but more grown up and mature since I was making such a important dress decision. After running a few other errands, I went home to get ready for a long run for the week. We ran 14.6 miles at a 9:21 pace, pretty fast for our training. It was a difficult run towards the end for me though, I was mentally frustrated with our route, but I’m really surprised we ran at that pace. I was beat after that run and went to bed by 10:30.


We are getting new doors and our new storm door came in, so we had to go pick it up. Thank goodness we have my Jeep, it almost didn’t make it in the Jeep, but it definitely wouldn’t have fit in Dave’s car. The rest of my day was spent doing laundry, cleaning, and taking Daisy out for a long walk. She is obsessed with squirrels so sometimes our walks can be challenging, I need some help from Cesar.

Here are some photos from the weekend:


Stocking up on Pumpkin!

Gorgeous day, walking in the park

Peach Pie - made by me!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

A new PR, a Polish Fest, and a new collar


Although it was raining, Dave and I ran in a 5k race this evening. We both did really awesome and I set a new PR! My time was 23:31, a 7:35 pace! I didn’t know I could run so fast. It seems our marathon training is paying off, we both improved our pace from our last 5k. One of my goals this year was to set a new PR, I’m marking that one off the list!

Last night we went to check out the Polish Festival on the Riverfront. The main attraction is the food. We waited in line for about an hour (luckily we enjoyed some Polish beer while waiting) and had an awesome meal of pierogi, golabki, and kielbasa. Dave’s family is Polish, so I’ve had an opportunity to enjoy all these tasty treats before. The food was sure worth the wait!

Fun and Games at the Polish Festival


And Daisy got herself a new collar. Hopefully she can bring some luck to the Hokies, they sure could use it!

Let's Go Hokies!

So glad tomorrow is Friday! (Didn’t buy my dress today, I’m going tomorrow at lunch, exciting :-))

Autumn is in the air

Oh how I love when the seasons change!

Yesterday, we had a little end to summer celebration.

Daisy eating watermelon

And this past weekend, we stocked up on fall beer at Total Wine (one of the biggest liquor stores in the country)


Marathon training is going well, ran 8.5 miles today. Tempo run tomorrow, 5k race Thursday, day off Friday, and long run this weekend.

I’m also going to buy my wedding dress on Thursday!

Hope you are enjoying your week 🙂


Greetings! I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. Dave and I had a great weekend. I sure do wish every work week was only 4 days and ended with a long weekend.


I have a job! I’ve been working for almost a month. I feel like a lucky dog, this is a great opportunity for me. I actually ended up getting 2 job offers, not sure how I pulled that off, but I found some really great recruiters to work with.

My mom and Jim came for Memorial Day weekend and brought along everyone’s favorite four-legged friend, Ms. Daisy. We had a great time when they were here. We went to DC, Philadelphia, and Amish country in PA.  And then they headed back home and left Ms. Daisy behind. She has adjusted quite well, we had an incident a couple of weeks after she got here (as well as her locking Dave out), but she is doing well.

It was nice to have a break from one job to another. I didn’t accomplish any life goals or anything, but I was able to go to CA to visit my Mom, Jim and Daisy in late April. I also went to New Mexico for a quick weekend visit.

Here are some random pictures, enjoy!

Today was the day….

….that Daisy (the dog) locked Dave out of the house.

Sorry my few readers for the break in blogging. Life has been busy here, but now the dust has settled and I’m back into a routine, my blogging can commence again. I was planning on enjoying the rest of June, free of blogging, but today was worthy of a blog post.

Daisy has been living on the east coast for about a month now (review of life in the past couple months to come). She’s adjusted well, but she’s always anxious for us to return home. Recently she realized that if she stands on her hind legs, she can look out the front door window, so lately she’s been doing this, waiting for us to come home. Well, today when she did this, she somehow moved the latch of the old lock on the front door. Of course, once that latch gets flipped, the door is locked from the outside, one needs to be on the inside to flip the latch back. So she locked Dave out of the house when he came home for lunch. Poor girl, she was so confused as to why Dave was just standing on the front porch and not coming in, there was lots of crying and barking. Eventually Dave had to get a ladder from a neighbor and break in through the second floor.

Dave is great and so very funny. As stressful as it was, he handled the situation with ease. He also sent a very funny email, consisting of  “Hey, your dog locked me out of the house, eventually I was able to break in, it was fun!”

Exploring a Fort

Hello Blog World!

I’m in a much better mood these days. I had a great weekend to relax and appreciate my surroundings. Dave and I went to Fort Delaware on Saturday. It’s a state park, home of a fort that was used during the civil war. There is a ferry that takes you over, as the fort is located on an island in the Delaware River. We had a beautiful day to enjoy the ride out there and exploring the park.

Here are some pictures.

Sunday we went to Baltimore to meet my Dad for dinner in Fells Point. It was great to see him! I was a dummy and forgot to snap a few photos.

Daisy and her drivers will likely be heading out eat this coming Sunday, she will be here soon! Reality hasn’t quite set in, but I’m pretty excited!

Christmas in CA

The weekend before I left for CA, we had a massive snow storm here on the east coast. Here’s a couple pics Dave and I took while out and about on the snow

My trip home to CA for the holidays was fun. Most times it seems like there isn’t a whole lot of activity going on, but sometimes it’s just nice to hang around with family and not really do much. My mom, Jim, Daisy, Grandma, aunt, Dale, and 2 cousins where all around. We had our New Mexican meal on Christmas Eve (posole, red chile, tamales, and tortillas) and then opened our presents. Here is a picture of Daisy inspecting one of my presents, she is the official inspector of quality

Christmas day we all went to church and then enjoyed our Christmas meal. Yes, we had the whole fixin’s – turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with red chile, and pink stuff!

The rest of the vacation was spent playing Mexican train, some Wii, watching movies, hitting up the after Christmas sales, and eating like I’ve never seen food before. I did run one day, the last full day I was there. Not sure why I didn’t get out the days before because the weather out there was fantastic, in the 50’s. The day I got back to the east coast, it was 30 with a wind chill making it feel like 20 degrees out. Brrr!

I miss my family, especially Daisy! Here’s a few pictures of Daisy. Best. Dog. Ever!