Weekends are never long enough

This past weekend was pretty relaxing and fun. Dave’s birthday was on Friday, so I left work a bit early so I could make it to DE at a reasonable time without hitting too much traffic. We went for a nice birthday run and then got ready to head to Philly. It was restaurant week and we were going with another couple to eat at Alma de Cuba. The food was amazing, loved the ambiance of the restaurant as well. After our tasty meal, we also went to meet up with Dave’s friend for a birthday drink and then made it home.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key. We did watch Paranormal Activity, which wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, but still had me closing my eyes to try to avoid something scary that I thought might happen. And of course, on Sunday there was football to be watched. The Saints-Vikings game was pretty intense, but fun to watch.

We also ran on Sunday, both Dave and I have done a great job at maintaining our running through the winter. We are thinking of running a 5k race that goes right by Dave’s house and also doing a 5 miler race in March. It’s fun to have a couple races to look forward to. I’m not sure what kind of big race(s) I’ll end up doing this year, but I’m sure I’ll figure them out in time. I did put my name in the NYC half marathon that’s to take place in March, but my name didn’t get pulled, maybe next year. Note to self, add to list of things to do in life: run a race in NYC (maybe the marathon this fall???? haha).

Happy Monday!



Hooray for a fun unproductive weekend! About the only productive thing I did was make some cookies on Friday night. They were for the tailgate we were going to the next day, we went to the VT game @ MD. It was almost like going to a game in Blacksburg, most of the people in the stands were there to cheer on the Hokies (and the Hokies stomped on some Terps!). I hadn’t been to a Tech game in forever, pretty sad, but hopefully I will get down to Blacksburg again soon for a real Tech game.

There was lots of drinking on Saturday, probably a good 10 hours, of course I was worthless the next day. I realized in my state of worthlessness that I’m growing up, weird to say. I really don’t like drinking like that anymore. I like to max out at the drinking sweet spot, you know that point where you have a really nice buzz going on, enjoying the atmosphere and not ruining the atmosphere for others. Everyone still has fun, the hangover is not so bad the next day, and I’m sure it’s a little easier on the wallet as well. Of course the hard part is some how staying at that level without going over or bailing out on everyone early. I’m thinking water is that answer to the riddle. Normally we don’t hang out much when I’m out with alcohol, but water is going to have to be my new best friend. I’m growing up and also getting older 😦

Don’t worry, I’m not growing up in all aspects of my life, I’m still as goofy as ever, some things won’t ever change!