Recap: The week before

Here’s a quick recap of all the wedding activities leading up to the big day.

First off, my Dad and Patricia came into town Saturday evening to enjoy the week of fun. We had a lovely Easter with Dave’s family. Between the 4 of us, we had high hopes after the tasty Polish food to conquer the ‘To Do’ list, but God must have decided it was our day to rest. And rest we did with a few cold beers in hand and a tasty dinner at Kid’s.

Now the next day, we asked D&P to help with some empty flower pots we had and they busted out their HGTV style because they gave our front and back yard some massive curb appeal!

Curb Appeal

By Tuesday night, my Mom and Jim were in town. And Wednesday we had a nice Greek feast with M&J, L&G, and D&P as the crew helped finish up menus, place cards and program. At this point Patricia was already starting to prepare for the oh-so-goodness that would come the next night for our “welcoming party”


Patricia & my Dad and L&G really did an amazing job for the family party we had at our house on Thursday night. The kitchen was hopping all day long. The love they have for cooking really comes out in the food they create.

Our feast was all about the Northwest. There was fresh fish flown in, oysters, clams, salami, cheeses, fruit, champagne, Seattle beer, wedding meatballs, orzo, wine and some of the best tasting desserts (including my fav Red Velet cupcakes)! Most of my family came into town Thursday night and Dave’s family came out in full force. It was the perfect opportunity for our families to meet and interact a little before the big day.


Men & Oysters

Quite the party!

Everyone not only enjoyed amazing food on Thusrday, but really just seemed to be having a great time (although Jim and Gary were at the grill forever cooking up the last of the food).  I was even able to take my nephew to get a tour of our local fire station, which was a lot of fun. He seem to know more than some of the guys working at the station!

D,P, L&G did it again! Not only did they serve up some tasty food, but totally impressed everyone with their talent. I just hope people don’t expect a party like that every time we have a gathering in the future. I have a lot to learn from the masters!

Next up: rehearsal & dining fit for a King and Queen…


Sing, sing a song!

I’ve been humming and singing the night away, mostly my own made up tunes, but sometimes it’s fun to sing songs. I really wish I could remember some of the songs we sang in 5th grade at camp. There was a great one about a worm, but I would only know it if I heard someone singing the song. It had a few parts, we would sing as we were hiking or going to the cafeteria, ahh camp!

This past weekend, I was a total wine-o, enjoying myself a little too much at a local wine festival. It was a blast, I enjoyed hanging with my 3026 friends. I’m getting old though, I need the full day on Sunday to recover and still wasn’t 100% until I woke up on Monday. 

Its raining cats and dogs here! Lots of fun coming up, I think the weekend will be nice again, so hopefully Dave and I will do something fun. My friend Jess will be coming down as well in a couple weekends, the 3 amigos will reunite, hooray!

I have a lot on my plate, books to read, things to do, crafts to work on, people to see, things to learn.  Sometimes I overwhelm myself and don’t even know where to begin with tackling it all, but I’m working on organizing myself.  I think I may have to develop some kind of “school schedule” for myself, an hour for this, an hour for that, otherwise I procrastinate! Probably what I’m doing now, especially while singing songs. Ha, ok off I go!

Top Five – Condiments

I’m back from New Mexico. Before posting an update on my trip, I thought I would challenge myself to a top five list. I’m going to try and do a “Top Five” at least every month, because its just plain fun for you and me.

Today, I’ve picked my top five condiments, which was a bit challenging to narrow down. I realize I use a lot of condiments, actually rely on them because some food just wouldn’t be good without some extra flavor.

#5 Mustard – so good on a sandwich, hot dog, or a pretzel.

#4 Arby’s Sauce – what good would a roast beef sandwich from Arby’s be without some special sauce.

#3 Soy Sauce – There’s no way I could eat sushi without some soy sauce.

#2 Ketchup – What can you really say about ketchup, it’s just necessary to have in the frig at all times.

#1 Salsa – I love Mexican food and I love salsa. It’s like ketchup (just necessary, no reason needed), but better!