It’s Groundhog Day!

Of course Phil would see his shadow, we got snow this weekend and it’s snowing this evening, with more snow this weekend. Guess DC is the actually North Dakota, I must have missed that memo!

Speaking of weekend, Dave and had a pretty fun time playing tourist this past weekend. We hung out Friday night till the wee hours of the night with some of his college friends in Adam’s Morgan. Jumbo slice pizza, you are oh so tasty!

Then on Saturday morning we headed to the Capitol as we have reserved tickets for a tour. The new visitor center is lovely and I was probably the only on in the theater that wanted to watch the intro 13 minute video again (I love history!). One doesn’t get to go inside the chambers, but I’m sure if you get a tour through your Congress person you can see a few other areas of the Capitol.

After dining a la college dining hall Congress style, we decided to follow the tunnel that led us to the Library of Congress. One of my goals in life (sad?) is to touch, look, read a book from the Library of Congress. Dave and I had gone a few months before to get our reader cards and once you have that, all the books in the world are at your finger tips. So we had access to the main reading room, found a couple books, explored while we waited for our books, and then read for a bit. It was so awesome! The Library of Congress is the coolest library ever! The building is also lovely, so if you don’t get a reader card, its worth just checking out the building that is open to the public. Sneaky picture taking:

All the while it was snowing outside

Sunday was a relax-and-do-nothing kind of day.ย Hope you enjoyed the weekend!

We are having a chili cook-off at work this week. I’ve entered the contest, the prize money is worth the try. I’ll let you know how it goes and just may share my recipe.

Off to enjoy some LOST!