The one with all the talk of Fall


Last weekend I went down to Virginia/DC to visit some friends and I was kicking myself for not packing a couple tank tops  (it was a freakishly hot weekend for October) and days later I’m relaxing in my favorite hoodie snuggling under the blankets with hot chocolate and a good book. I think its officially fall now on the east coast. I’m so glad, because I love fall! Everything is pumpkin, the leaves turn orange and maroon (Go Hokies!) and you just want to be outside enjoying the beautiful cool weather (why can’t it be like this all the time?!?). I seen a bunch of bloggers post this ode to fall, so I’m hopping on the bandwagon.

This fall I will be:

  • Making: some delicious pumpkin treats
  • Cooking: some vegetarian recipes from the Moosewood cookbook
  • Drinking: some Cadbury drinking chocolate. We had this on our flight to New Zealand and I’ve been obsessed ever since
  • Reading: a bunch of books that have been collecting dust on my bookshelf
  • Wanting: to finally be able to see my favorite band in concert
  • Looking: forward to a girls weekend in CA with my mom
  • Playing: with Daisy dog
  • Wasting: nothing, I hate being wasteful
  • Sewing: nada.  Although I do have a halloween costume I could make, guess at some point in my life I thought I would actually learn to sew
  • Wishing: we could win the lottery and move to New Zealand
  • Enjoying: the leaves as they change colors
  • Waiting: to figure out what’s next
  • Wondering: what to make for dinner tomorrow
  • Loving: my happy little family in our little corner of the world
  • Hoping: to go to the Finger Lakes for a long weekend this month
  • Marveling: at how beautiful the world can be
  • Writing: this post
  • Baking: sugar cookies with a wedding shower mix from 3 years ago (we didn’t die)
  • Needing: a pedicure
  • Smelling: fall scented candles and rain
  • Wearing: dresses, totally obsessed with dresses!
  • Following: the Royal family, somehow I’m hooked on Royal family gossip
  • Noticing: that my husband has some man sexy legs!!
  • Knowing: that I’m very fortunate
  • Thinking: that I should wake up early tomorrow, maybe go to the gym, oh but I likely will oversleep
  • Feeling: happy
  • Bookmarking: photography tips and tricks
  • Opening: good bottles of wine
  • Giggling: at my husband, he his hilarious when you get him going
  • Practicing: my French

Observations on the bus

In April, I moved to a new role within my company, which also meant moving to a new office. Instead of having to drive to work, my new office is in downtown Wilmington, so I’m able to take the bus to work. Yay for saving on gas, not having to commute and helping to save the world by taking public transportation!

The bus hasn’t been so bad, sure there’s been a few times the bus hasn’t come or I’ve had to run to catch the bus (ok, maybe this happens often, I hate being on someone else’s schedule!!), but overall the bus is convenient and reliable.

I only have about a  20 minute ride max, so its a bit hard to be nose deep into a book, so people watching is a daily activity. There’s a bunch of regulars, the occasional crazy bus driver and a few interesting bus characters. I thought it would be fun to pretend to be a sociologist and jot down a few of my observations on the bus:

  • My generation (occasionally even myself) are socially awkward creatures. Many of the baby boomers on the bus have regular conversations with others, interact with the bus driver, are just so friendly and easily interact with others. Then there’s us young folks, looking at our phones, headphones on, unable to partake in any form of small talk. There’s no complaining to each other when the bus is extremely late, we just stand there, send a text to friend to complain, no face to face interaction. Not all of use young folks are this way, but a vast majority of us just don’t interact or at least don’t initiate interaction.  Most of my bus friends have children my age, yet there are several of us that work at the same company that never interact.
  • Some cars on the road seem to think they will win in a face-off with the bus. They are always cutting right in front of the bus or trying to not allow the bus to merge into a lane. Let me tell you, these bus drivers are bad-ass and in any kind of face-off, the bus will always win.
  • My favorite bus riders are the World War II vets, easily identifiable by the black baseball caps they proudly wear displaying their branch of service. I’m a sucker for history and truly appreciate the sacrifice and service this men gave to our country. I just hope that one day, these hats of honor will be proudly worn by military men and women involved in more recent military engagements as they should be just as proud to have served as the ‘greatest generation’.

A few random observations, maybe more to come as my bus riding adventures continue.

Before and After

We’ve been working on a few projects around the house. There is something so rewarding in making a few changes to something to give it a completely different look and as an extra bonus, doing it for cheap!

Painted the frame of ever so loved Pasta Poster from bronze (yuck, so 80’s!) to black:

pasta poster - BandA

The dining room chandelier got a little upgrade. Removed the lamp shades, shortened the ‘candlesticks’ and put in some cool Edison bulbs.

Light - BandA

And finally, updated some old metal chairs. Removed the seat cushions, updated the cushions with some new padding and fabric and painted the chairs in a light mint color.  Probably one of the cheapest transformations with the most bang for the buck.

Chair - BandA

Paint sure does wonders!

Skeeter Bites

Holy Mosquito!

Is it just me or are the mosquitoes buggin’ like crazy outside??? Every time I walk outside I’m like the blue plate special of the day. I have so many bites on my legs, I’m embarrassed to even wear skirts and dresses to the office, it looks like I either have chicken pox or the measles.

I know, wearing bug spray would solve all my problems, but who thinks to spray oneself when its just a quick trip outside. Plus, per the instructions on the bug spray, one is suppose to wash the spray off when you go inside. Looks like I need to figure out some home remedies to try if I don’t want to keep being some blood suckers dinner.


Dave the Builder

A couple weeks ago, shortly after coming back from vacation, I caught my husband reading this:



…watching home repair You Tube videos and working on a few very random home projects like this (duct work maintenance):


Coincidentally, my 7 year-old nephew (who we visited with on vacation) is also really into ‘construction/carpentry’, probably knows more than the average homeowner about home repairs and as Dave said, “has better tools than I do.”

I think someone felt one upped by a 7 year-old.

I’m Back!

Ok, so I took quite a long break from blogging, for no particular reason, but now I’m back! Recently I thought about getting back into blogging and even created a blogging plan for the next couple months to get myself started out right. Hopefully being an organized blogger will help me be a regular blogger.

So what’s been going on around here since February? Well, I rocked the New Orleans Half, running it in under 2 hours. I got a new job with my same company and now I can take the bus to work. Dave finally made it down to Blacksburg for a visit to Virginia Tech for our 2nd wedding anniversary. We’ve been working on some house projects, the biggest being updating our back patio (my husband is a rock star!). And we just got back from a visit to Denver and New Mexico to visit with lots of my family.

I’m excited about blogging again. Look for some new posts to come!

Patio - b4 and after

Here’s a before and after of our back patio.

At the moment…

…I have totally failed on the February Photo Challenge I blogged about at the beginning of this month. I wanted to experiment with my phone to take pictures, but my phone is on the blink. I’ll take a photo and then I can’t pull up the images, plus I realize the quality of the photos totally sucks. And my laptop is also dying a slow death, so I haven’t been uploading any photos on my computer, afraid I might see the blue screen of death before backing them up. Maybe next month? Maybe I’ll just get an iPhone and Mac and solve all my problems?

…totally rocking my half marathon training, thanks to my super awesome training partner (best-husband-ever!). I was following a seven week training plan and slowly increasing my long run every week, with some 4-5 mile days during the week. I managed to do 9 miles on a treadmill (snow outside) and find a couple days where it wasn’t too windy out to get in my 10 and 11 miles, over the last 2 weekends.

…thinking this is going to be a great year of running. Already thinking of doing another half marathon next month and joined the lottery for the Broad Street 10 miler in May.

…excited to visit New Orleans again and enjoy some good Cajun food!

…J’aime beaucoup parler français! I’m totally loving my French class. It’s hard to find time to practice daily, but I’m starting to get the basics down.

…designing in my head a whole new everything for our bedroom.

…so excited that I am now a preferred member of an airline! Now I understand why people just book flights just to fly in order to get enough miles to maintain their status. PHL-PHX-AUK-SFO-IAD-PHL, might be my plans for next weekend.

…this preferred status is part of my problem, you see I’m addicted to travel. Oh how I wish travelling the world could be my job!

February Photo Challenge

Happy February!

Last year I FINALLY finished the photo-a-day Project 365 challenge (see my Flickr Set) after 3 failed attempts. I was so proud of my accomplishment,  I rewarded myself with a photo book all the photos I took throughout the year. Dave and I have fun looking at them, although most of the photos are so random and true to the fact that you just ‘had to be there that day’ to understand the photos.

This year I wanted to do some kind of photo challenge, just wasn’t sure what. And then the internet universe gave me a challenge. Tori, of Marvelous Things Photography, posted a photo challenge for February (isn’t the internet so great, no idea how I even came about this cool blog, but so glad I did). She created a list of things beginning with ‘F’ to take a picture of everyday in her February Photo Challenge. So I’m going to try it out, maybe using a mixture of my phone camera, which I never use and should probably learn how to take better photos on, and my lovely dslr.

feb photo challenge

I’m hoping to do a mixture of taking photos for fun and maybe monthly challenges throughout the year as I continue to learn more and more about photography. I’ll try and post a few of my February photo challenge photos throughout the month.

Hope you are enjoy the first day of February and the weekend!

January = Longest Month Ever


January has been such a long month! A good month, with lots of reasons to celebrate, but still long.  

Reason #1 to celebrate, I got a promotion at work!

Reason # 2 to celebrate, Dave was born! 

Looking forward to a short month. Hope you enjoy the last day of January.


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