Observations on the bus

In April, I moved to a new role within my company, which also meant moving to a new office. Instead of having to drive to work, my new office is in downtown Wilmington, so I’m able to take the bus to work. Yay for saving on gas, not having to commute and helping to save the world by taking public transportation!

The bus hasn’t been so bad, sure there’s been a few times the bus hasn’t come or I’ve had to run to catch the bus (ok, maybe this happens often, I hate being on someone else’s schedule!!), but overall the bus is convenient and reliable.

I only have about a  20 minute ride max, so its a bit hard to be nose deep into a book, so people watching is a daily activity. There’s a bunch of regulars, the occasional crazy bus driver and a few interesting bus characters. I thought it would be fun to pretend to be a sociologist and jot down a few of my observations on the bus:

  • My generation (occasionally even myself) are socially awkward creatures. Many of the baby boomers on the bus have regular conversations with others, interact with the bus driver, are just so friendly and easily interact with others. Then there’s us young folks, looking at our phones, headphones on, unable to partake in any form of small talk. There’s no complaining to each other when the bus is extremely late, we just stand there, send a text to friend to complain, no face to face interaction. Not all of use young folks are this way, but a vast majority of us just don’t interact or at least don’t initiate interaction.  Most of my bus friends have children my age, yet there are several of us that work at the same company that never interact.
  • Some cars on the road seem to think they will win in a face-off with the bus. They are always cutting right in front of the bus or trying to not allow the bus to merge into a lane. Let me tell you, these bus drivers are bad-ass and in any kind of face-off, the bus will always win.
  • My favorite bus riders are the World War II vets, easily identifiable by the black baseball caps they proudly wear displaying their branch of service. I’m a sucker for history and truly appreciate the sacrifice and service this men gave to our country. I just hope that one day, these hats of honor will be proudly worn by military men and women involved in more recent military engagements as they should be just as proud to have served as the ‘greatest generation’.

A few random observations, maybe more to come as my bus riding adventures continue.


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