Before and After

We’ve been working on a few projects around the house. There is something so rewarding in making a few changes to something to give it a completely different look and as an extra bonus, doing it for cheap!

Painted the frame of ever so loved Pasta Poster from bronze (yuck, so 80’s!) to black:

pasta poster - BandA

The dining room chandelier got a little upgrade. Removed the lamp shades, shortened the ‘candlesticks’ and put in some cool Edison bulbs.

Light - BandA

And finally, updated some old metal chairs. Removed the seat cushions, updated the cushions with some new padding and fabric and painted the chairs in a light mint color.  Probably one of the cheapest transformations with the most bang for the buck.

Chair - BandA

Paint sure does wonders!


3 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. GASP! Where did you get that pasta poster??? My grandparents had the same one in their kitchen, and I have been searching and searching for it!

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