At the moment…

…I have totally failed on the February Photo Challenge I blogged about at the beginning of this month. I wanted to experiment with my phone to take pictures, but my phone is on the blink. I’ll take a photo and then I can’t pull up the images, plus I realize the quality of the photos totally sucks. And my laptop is also dying a slow death, so I haven’t been uploading any photos on my computer, afraid I might see the blue screen of death before backing them up. Maybe next month? Maybe I’ll just get an iPhone and Mac and solve all my problems?

…totally rocking my half marathon training, thanks to my super awesome training partner (best-husband-ever!). I was following a seven week training plan and slowly increasing my long run every week, with some 4-5 mile days during the week. I managed to do 9 miles on a treadmill (snow outside) and find a couple days where it wasn’t too windy out to get in my 10 and 11 miles, over the last 2 weekends.

…thinking this is going to be a great year of running. Already thinking of doing another half marathon next month and joined the lottery for the Broad Street 10 miler in May.

…excited to visit New Orleans again and enjoy some good Cajun food!

…J’aime beaucoup parler français! I’m totally loving my French class. It’s hard to find time to practice daily, but I’m starting to get the basics down.

…designing in my head a whole new everything for our bedroom.

…so excited that I am now a preferred member of an airline! Now I understand why people just book flights just to fly in order to get enough miles to maintain their status. PHL-PHX-AUK-SFO-IAD-PHL, might be my plans for next weekend.

…this preferred status is part of my problem, you see I’m addicted to travel. Oh how I wish travelling the world could be my job!


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