February Photo Challenge

Happy February!

Last year I FINALLY finished the photo-a-day Project 365 challenge (see my Flickr Set) after 3 failed attempts. I was so proud of my accomplishment,  I rewarded myself with a photo book all the photos I took throughout the year. Dave and I have fun looking at them, although most of the photos are so random and true to the fact that you just ‘had to be there that day’ to understand the photos.

This year I wanted to do some kind of photo challenge, just wasn’t sure what. And then the internet universe gave me a challenge. Tori, of Marvelous Things Photography, posted a photo challenge for February (isn’t the internet so great, no idea how I even came about this cool blog, but so glad I did). She created a list of things beginning with ‘F’ to take a picture of everyday in her February Photo Challenge. So I’m going to try it out, maybe using a mixture of my phone camera, which I never use and should probably learn how to take better photos on, and my lovely dslr.

feb photo challenge

I’m hoping to do a mixture of taking photos for fun and maybe monthly challenges throughout the year as I continue to learn more and more about photography. I’ll try and post a few of my February photo challenge photos throughout the month.

Hope you are enjoy the first day of February and the weekend!


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