Running in the Cold

Like the rest of the wold, I”m starting the new year by being active (although trying to avoid the gym until this active motivation dies down). Last month, I signed up to run the New Orleans Half Marathon in February with my friend who is doing the full marathon. Being active isn’t one of my new years resolutions, I decided long ago that this just needs to be a part of my life at all times. Last year, while I was active, my running was not where it had been in previous years, I only ran in one 5k race (Turkey Trot). So this year, I decided to kick off the year by already having a race to train for (50 days left to train!). I’m excited about the upcoming race, especially the post race hurricanes and po’boys!

new orleans half

So far this week, I’ve been running in the cold and I’m sure it’s only going to get colder (hello snow!). I have no specific races that I want to run the rest of the year, but I’m hoping to do at least a couple more half marathons this year.

Here’s hoping the training goes well!


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