Kitchen Update – Countertops

This post is way overdue!

Back in July we decided that the cabinets in our kitchen looked amazing, but the countertops were painful to look at. The whole point of doing the cabinets was to give the kitchen a cheap face-lift,  but we weren’t sure if we were willing to put money in for some new countertops. We did some research on options for countertops, got a few price quotes and realized that it wasn’t as expensive as we thought it would be. So a decision was made and the next thing you know we were in a warehouse full of granite slabs.

Our new countertops were worth every penny, I love them! Here’s the evolution of our kitchen, enjoy!

This was the color of the kitchen before Dave moved (pictures are from the mass painting of the house Dave did when he first moved in)

And this was the kitchen before we updated the cabinets

After we updated the cabinets, see post here

And finally, with the new countertops!

We choose Kashmir White after almost going with another color. We wanted something light, but not white, with a little bit of something, without being too busy. I love how they look in our kitchen and I especially love my new sink!

We also got a new range hood and some Dash and Albert runners.

One final before and after comparison

The biggest decision we had a hard time making was around the backsplash. We would have loved to do a subway tile backsplash, but with this being an older house, we had some really funky lines we were working with. And from the photo above, you can see that our oven isn’t even in line with the hood. This is because the gas line is not in a logical spot, but if we move the stove over, you can see the gas line and basically whoever but the kitchen addition on to our house, did a crap job.

We are making the most out of what we got to work with and I love how everything turned out!


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