TV Hiatus

I’d like to say I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been on some kind of technology break rediscovering my self, spending time outdoors, but that’s not the case. I’ve been camping on my couch glued to the TV. First it was the Tour de France and then the Olympics. Sure I’ve been running after work, still making some tasty meals, but once the dishes are washed, it was front and center (DVR can be both good and bad).

The Tour was good this year, a bit unexciting in that Chris Froome should have been the overall winner as he was clearly stronger than his teammate Bradley Wiggins. The mountain stages are always fun to watch though.


And then there was the Olympics. We watched the games EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! From the Opening Ceremony to the Spice Girl Reunion. All the swimming, gymnastics and track and field. Add in some archery, table tennis and handball and its the perfect recipe to have Dave and I slightly obsessed with all things Olympic.


Dave and I would love to go to both the Tour and the Olympics at some point in our lifetime, both would be such an experience. One day…

Well, at least I have my life back!


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