Living Room Update

Hello August!

Summer seemed like it had just begun and now it’s almost over. Seems like July was filled with a lot of vegetables and house updates. There was a trip to NY and the beach. August is likely to be filled with a lot of Olympic watching, camping, running, and a long trip to the beach. And the reveal of the evolution of our kitchen!

I said awhile back that I would show the update of our living room. I had been looking for awhile to give our living room some life. Unfortunately, I never took before pictures of our living room before, but believe me it was very bland (neutral rug, neutral couch, basic pillow colors). To give our living room some life, we got a new rug and lots of new colorful pillows to add some pazazz to our living room. I’ve also gotten a few extra pillow colors to switch around, at the moment I’m lovely this awesome coral chevron pillow (not pictured below).

Just a little info on our living room: The couch we got last year, for our tiny living room this couch offers the must space. We also got a new media center from Create and Barrel. Everyone in Dave’s family has the same rocking chair, which is actually pretty comfortable. I’m not allowed to do anything but maybe stain the coffee table, its something Dave won’t let me touch. And I’m still looking to maybe get a new living room lamp.

I have my last photography class tomorrow, I’ll be back to share some pictures from class. Happy First day of August!


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