Farm Fresh

I mentioned in my last post that for 20 weeks this summer we will be getting a basket full of goodness from a local farm in the area in a program known as CSA – Community Supported Agriculture. There was a farmer’s market that started in our neighborhood this year, I had been looking into a few different summer CSA programs to join in the area and then found out that one of the vendors at our market would be offering a CSA. We didn’t even hesitate to sign up and its worked out great. 


A few weeks of farm freshness

We are on week 7 and have already become masters of greens and beets. New to us this year are fennel, mustard greens and squash blossoms. We’ve been enjoying kale chips (even Daisy), soups, fruits and even fresh eggs. A couple weeks ago, we received a huge half of a head of cabbage. It was so big, we had no idea what to even do with so much cabbage. We eventually made some yummy soup and coleslaw. 


Before and After

Both Dave and I feel great eating so many fresh veggies and they just taste ten times better than anything in the store. We are looking forward to seeing what we will get over the next 13 weeks!


3 thoughts on “Farm Fresh

  1. This photography class is really working out. The photos of the CSA bounty are great. However, what was the inspiration/technique that lead you to put one tiny carrot on top of the head of cabbage? Were you trying to make a face for a cabbage patch kid??

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