One Hot Summer


Holy hotness! It’s been quite a hot and muggy summer here in Delaware, especially that last few days.

We’ve been enjoying our summer so far with a couple trips to the beach, Game of Thrones, a visit with my Dad, enjoying some summer cocktails with our fresh mint, a visit with my friend Kate, a day trip with Kate to NYC to the Met, homemade burgers on the 4th, watching some Tour de France and just trying to stay cool this past weekend.

I’m taking a photography class this summer at the Delaware Art Museum. So far it’s been fun, I’m learning a lot about my DSLR.

Also, we are thinking of updating our kitchen countertops. We’ve been checking out our options and trying to decide if we do a backsplash or not, decisions, decisions.

It’s been tough to run outside in the heat, but on days when it’s not too hot, we run. We haven’t signed up for a race yet, hopefully we will figure something out, a couple half marathons would be nice to do this year.

We signed up for a CSA (Community supported agriculture) again this year. Every week we get a fresh selection of fruit and veggies from a local farm. We are almost experts on what to do with fennel, kale and beets!

We have no big vacation planned for the summer, we don’t even have a single wedding to go to. The plans for the rest of the summer are to go to the  beach a couple more times, go camping one weekend, maybe visit the west coast, a visit one weekend in DC and plan some kind of fun overseas adventure for the fall.

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far!


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