Travel: Birthday Fun in NYC

A couple weeks ago, I planned a trip for Dave and I to go up to New York City to celebrate his birthday. It ended up being a cold snowy weekend in the city, but we still managed to celebrate in style!

We took the New Jersey transit up to Penn Station on Friday afternoon. This saved us so much money, why is Amtrak so expensive?!?! We stayed at this little hotel in Chelsea with a view of the Empire State Building.

View from our window

We had dinner reservations later in the evening, so with a few hours to kill, we went to check out the Chelsea Market. This place was pretty cool, a mixture of shops, restaurants, and bakeries. The structure of the building was cool too, looked like an old warehouse made into something awesome. We browsed through the different shops and enjoyed a local craft beer at one of the restaurants.

Holy Nutella!

Our reservations for dinner that night were at Collichio & Sons. When I confirmed our reservations, I mentioned it was a celebration dinner for Dave’s birthday and they added some nice special touches to make it a memorable meal. First off, they added “Happy Birthday Dave” to the menu. We ordered a bottle of wine and at the end of the night, gave us the label from our bottle. We ordered the tasting menu and enjoyed a crab and sea urchin fondue and an amazing aged sirloin. We ended the night with some desserts they brought out, especially for Dave’s birthday. And to top everything off, they give everyone a tasty muffin to take home and enjoy the next day. It was an amazing meal and experience.

The next day we awoke to snow. Luckily it was only a few inches, but it was a pretty cold day. We hit up the local bagel shop (Murray’s Bagel) next to our hotel, but it wasn’t as good as we expected it to you, the bagel’s didn’t even seem fresh! We spent the day exploring different parts of the city, from Grand Central Station to the Brooklyn Bridge. We enjoyed lunch at Eataly in the Flat Iron district, a really cool new Italian Market. And then we went to the Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side. This museum is pretty awesome, with lots of different tours on immigrant history. We went on a tour of a tenement house, where they had a room with over 30 layers of wallpaper on the wall.

Brooklyn Bridge

That night we had dinner in SOHO at the Mercer Kitchen. The meal was hard to beat the night before, but there was a very trendy cool vibe to the place. After, we enjoyed a few beers at the Beauty Bar and the Trailer Park Bar. It was a themed bar night for us!

On Sunday before we headed back to DE, we found a good bagel at Brooklyn Bagel (the bagels were at least fresh!) and then went to explore the High Line Park. Dave has heard many things about the High Line through his work, so part of the reason for going to NYC was to be able to check out the park in person.

Walking the High Line

There was an abandoned elevated rail line that they turned into a pretty cool park. It’s always cool to see how you transfer something ugly into nice green space. Everything around the park seems to be transforming as well. Parks are cool!

Watch the ice!

We had a great time exploring the city together, which was a first for us. We hope to go back and explore more of the city when it’s a little warmer out. After lunch at a NY deli, we were on the train and headed home in time to pick up Daisy. A fabulous way to celebrate Dave’s birthday!

Birthday Sandwich

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