Birthday Hurricane

Hurricane Irene was an uninvited guest to my weekend birthday celebration and she sure made her presence known!

Although the weekend didn’t end up as planned, I still had fun being stuck inside with Dave and Daisy. We had a hurricane dinner with some friends in the neighborhood and had some fun watching movies, making granola and dreaming about our honeymoon.


Irene left and Monday was an absolutely beautiful day, a perfect day to celebrate. I took the day off to relax in the sun, enjoy some ice cream and pick out my birthday present (hiking boots!). This weekend will be an extended celebration, some how I always manage to extend my celebrations.


I turned the big 3-0 this year. I thankfully don’t feel any older or wiser. My only words of wisdom for all those young folk out there is to moisturizer, best piece of advice I was given. Rumor has it you wake up one day and have wrinkles. No fun for anyone especially if your retirement plan doesn’t include a face lift before 50. Yikes, I did just talk about retirement and face lifts, maybe I am getting old after all.

Well, here’s hoping everyone is right, and my 30’s are better than my 20’s!

Happy Birthday to me!


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