Hello Earthquake

We were rocking and rolling here on the East coast! And in true East Coast fashion, we are making a big deal about it, but I mean really, how often do we have earthquakes around here. I’m just glad I actually felt it, if I was out driving or something, I would feel totally out of the loop and not have anything to contribute to the conversations that will be going on until something else happens.

In all honesty, I was a little shaken by the whole thing. It’s a pretty weird feeling when the earth below you is moving and doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop moving. Being from CA, I’ve been in a few little earthquakes here and there, but not of this size. I got a headache from all the excitement, maybe earthquakes make me sick, a con to add to my pro/con list about ever moving back to CA.

A sizable earthquake on the east coast, who would have thought.  I’m really starting to think the Mayans were right about that whole 2012 thing.


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