Busy Wedding Bee

I can’t believe there are only 3 days till the big day!

My parents are in town now, I’m off from work, we have errands to run and a few last-minute things to do.

It’s almost like we are having a 4 day wedding event, because all the fun begins Thursday. We are having a gathering at our house, which might just end up as awesome as our wedding reception.

Friday, everyone will be in town. It’s all about primping and practicing and then a little evening fun.

Saturday, I marry my love with all those we love around us.

And then Sunday, we get to have full analysis of all the events at a family brunch.

I’m so excited to have all my family and friends come into town to celebrate!

Today is all about the last-minute items. We have menus to fold, programs to put together, place cards and a few other small tasks. Daisy is even going to the groomers to get herself cleaned up.

I’m going to try to blog all that I can, as I really want to take in and remember this special weekend. Maybe there won’t be as many pictures in the posts to come, they may be more like a diary of events, but I will post pictures later.

Happy Wednesday!


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