The good news of the day

Happy Friday!

This has been a very long week for me. I’ve been totally out of it, tired all week, unmotivated to workout, and mostly wishing I could just hang in my PJ’s and watch some old Hollywood movies. I blame this all on the sudden change in the weather. Just when it seemed Winter and I were done with, he came crashing back into my life and I’ve been some what miserable trying to get him to leave. Spring and I are to be together, soon enough I hop Winter gets with the program and leaves for good.

I did come across this lovely cake that gave me hope for Spring.

So Pretty!


The good news of the day is that is Friday. I have all weekend to hang in my PJ’s and watch old Hollywood movies. I’m really excited to play with all my new grown up toys and rearrange my kitchen.  I think I was destined to be a 1950’s housewife. Thank you to everyone for their generosity at the shower, I’m enjoying all my new stuff!

Happy Weekend!


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