My Bridal Shower

This past weekend my lady friends and family came together for my bridal shower here in Delaware. It wasn’t a surprise, with my mom coming into town, that would be a hard secret to keep. Plus I insisted I be kept in the loop, I wanted to make sure I had a dress to wear. I was surprised about all the fun details, I wasn’t kept in the loop about those things. And I was pleasantly surprised to see my lovely step mother there, it was so  nice to have both my mom and her there!

My one maid of honor Jess was in charge of the shower. She did such a wonderful job, from the invites to the favors and coordinating everything long distance. Although somehow Miss. Kate (my other maid of honor) was in charge of the shower game, which was having others laugh at my expense, something I’m sure Kate enjoyed immensely.

Teri (bridesmaid) and my niece Clare (junior bridesmaid) are both in Denver, so there weren’t able to make it, but Megan (bridesmaid) was there to represent them. She did a lovely job on my rehearsal bouquet!

I have such great friends, present and non-present!

Looking at several different cameras

To give you a quick recap:

There was punch, there was really good finger food. There was the opening of gifts,  there were mustaches. There was a quilt, luggage, and a scrapbook. There was wine, there was cake. Daisy tried to sneak a piece of tomato pie from the table when no one was looking. It was a nice sunny day with so many wonderful people present.

Looking at my scrapbook
Opening gifts
Some of the guests
Lots of utensils!
The quilt my mom made me

The shower game was like the “Newlywed Game’ except I was the only one answering the questions and these were not very normal questions. I realized I would never do very well on a real game show, I messed up on even the easiest questions. I guess I was nervous about being totally embarrassed. Every wrong answer I got, I had to not only add a piece of bubble gum to my mouth, but also wear a funny mustache.

Kate and the mustaches
No wrong answers yet or maybe the game hasn’t started
Nice look for me
Might have to grow a mustache for the wedding photos

It really was a wonderful day and I’m so thankful for all the people that were there to celebrate. Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate/had a part in making it such a wonderful day!

I’m really looking forward to the big celebration!


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