Wedding Colors = Lovely

Purples and blues, those are the colors we chose for our wedding. I absolutely love them! They fit in perfectly with the time of year we are getting married and I especially love all the spring flowers we will be able to use in our colors.


I look at a lot of wedding blogs and it’s hard to not fall in love with colors that other people are using. We did have an idea at first  to use turquoise with other colors, which are also lovely.

But I love our colors more and more, especially as the day nears. And after checking out the official Royal Wedding website this past week, it would seem that Kate also likes at least purple (although maybe they are using the colors on the website to throw people off).

It’s amazing how colors can really shape a wedding, I’ve found our colors have been such great inspiration.

We had a very busy wedding week. We met with the priest, picked out our readings for church, picked out the music for the ceremony, went to a registry event, I picked up my wedding ring/Dave picked and ordered his and we finished the week with engagement photos with our photographer. This week is pretty calm in comparison. A good week to work on some small details and more importantly reflect on our journey so far. We have accomplished so much, if we were using a marathon as a metaphor, it would seem we have reached mile 20, it’s all down hill from here!

And on a more exciting note, we officially have 7 people to date coming to our wedding, YAY!


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