66 days, oh my!

Wow, time sure does fly when you have a countdown going. It makes me want to countdown the years before I retire, but I would like to enjoy life before I’m old and retired. That is one disadvantage to counting down, although I am trying to not stress about all things wedding and enjoy the build up.

Just this past weekend I was in Seattle. My family and I got together to work on all things paper. We did the invitations, the table numbers, started work on the programs, found place cards and some thank you notes. It was nice to be around very creative minds, it helped me get my vision for the wedding. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful people to help me. Sure we could have bought wonderful invitations, but making them together was a priceless experience.

A few other projects were started in Seattle, Dave and I finished our pre-cana classes for the church, we have a food tasting for our venue tomorrow night, I have a make-up trial Saturday and that’s just this week! It’s all coming together and I really am looking forward to being able to enjoy this special day with Dave and all our friends and family.

Off to bed, but not without sharing a few of my inspirations


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