I do exist!

I’m alive blog world. Wow, where has the time gone, I’ve been away too long. What can I say, I’ve been busy, no really, I have been! There’s been lots of family time, friends to visit, wedding stuff to do, oh and a marathon to train for. Oh and tons of vegetables to eat (my CSA is awesome). The end is in sight, at least for the marathon (and the tons of veggies), less than 2 weeks away. Note to new marathoners, don’t train back to back, it sucks you of all your time! Running a marathon so close to Thanksgiving is one way NOT to feel guilty about all the calories I’m going to have, I’m a sucker for all the sides, they get me every Thanksgiving.
And the wedding! It’s coming along. Boy, there sure are a lot of decisions to make and lots of details. But I am enjoying the all the build-up, we are less than 6 months away.
Ok, just wanted to give a quick update. I’ll be back to catch you up on my happenings with a bunch of pics.


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