Today isn’t Monday?

How was your weekend? I had a wonderful weekend. Dave and I went to Indianapolis to visit with my Grandma. She is such a sweet lady. We had a good time listening to her stories, looking through pictures and just discussing life.ย  She is funny and witty even at 92 and tells stories like they just happened yesterday. I wish I lived closer, I would love to be able to visit more often. In general I often feel like I’m too far from my family. I miss them. We are all so spread out, I think my family just needs to take over some small town in Kansas or at least be within the same region.

While we were in Indy, we checked out some of the sites downtown and around. We made a quick stop at the Indianapolis Speedway, which was pretty cool, the museum is right in the center. I learned from my Grandma that my great-grandparents went to the first race, pretty cool.

It was a quick visit, but hopefully we will be back again soon. I was trying to upload some photos, but I’m having technical difficulties.

Tomorrow I plan to recap our first box of veggies from the CSA we signed up for. Enjoy your Monday, I mean Tuesday!


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