Summer is hanging by a thread

I don’t think Mother Nature really knows what season its suppose to be. Today sure felt like a warm summer day, I was struggling to run this evening, I wasn’t quite use to the heat after a couple of weeks of cool weather. All I know is that technically in another hour or so, it will officially be fall. I’m already googling to find the nearest Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts (I’m still learning the area and think its a pretty good sign I don’t have this information already memorized) to get myself some kind of delicious pumpkin spiced coffee drink. I think the coffee shop in the neighborhood even has a pumpkin drink, might be stopping by there on my way to work tomorrow morning.

Tonight I enjoyed 2 big glasses of milk with dinner. There is something about milk with dinner that makes me feel like a kid again, but boy, a glass of milk really hit the spot sometimes (especially with Mac n Cheese, although we didn’t have Mac N Cheese, but I’m thinking that’s on the menu for tomorrow).

Mother Nature is treating us to a pretty cool thunderstorm right now. I’m off to cuddle with Daisy on the couch and watch from the window.

Enjoy your night!


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