Folding Laundry

Folding laundry is the worst chore ever! I would rather clean the bathroom than fold laundry. I love doing all the other steps of laundry, just hate the folding part. This past weekend consisted of a lot of laundry, but also some fun and relaxing.

We had some beautiful weather here on the east coast. Earl brought in a nice breeze Friday and it was cool and a bit breezy the rest of the weekend. An amazing Labor Day weekend that doesn’t happen too often on the right coast.  Dave was busy painting the back of our house. The back shingles were only painted with primer and we needed some kind of color back there. He did a great job, next up, he is going to add a splash of color to the awning and handrail.

Back of the House

I was busy working on some wedding crafts. The back patio of our reception venue has a low wall that I thought would be great to decorate and decided to throw in a little of my new mexican roots and do luminarias. I took white lunch bags and stamped them with a heart stencil in our wedding colors. Here are a couple all lit up.

Wedding Project

In case you were wondering, here are our wedding colors. There really is no set colors, this is just the direction we are going, shades of blue and purple.

Wedding Colors

We also ran our first major long run for our marathon training. We ran 12.6 miles on Sunday. It’s amazing how the body seems to forget that I put it through this whole process last year. My legs were definitely feeling tired towards the end, but at least I know for sure I could run a half marathon if I need to. Not sure why I would need to, but in case maybe George Clooney is looking for a few last-minute runners for a charity race or something, I would be ready to go!

Today was an interesting and fun day. Dave’s cousin and her kids were in town from Germany and we were playing at the playground with Daisy (There was a little get together for them at his parent’s house). Daisy was being Daisy, sniffing around and then she got stung by a wasp. Luckily it seems like the stinger didn’t go into the top of her paw, but she was a little shaken up and limping a bit. She seems fine now, just another classic Daisy story.

I’m off to relax and watch the Hokies! Hope you had a great weekend.


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